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Avigilon Alta vs. Aiphone video intercom

When it comes to building security today, both businesses and residences find the lock and key to be insufficient in providing the security they need. Most are looking to add a video intercom system that can provide visual verification, but with countless options in the market, how do you choose which one is right for your building’s specific needs? The Aiphone video intercom system offers a more cost-friendly solution compared to most video security providers, but the advantage in price comes at the expense of advanced security features. In this Aiphone access control review, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of the Aiphone video intercom and how the system compares the Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, Video Intercom Reader Pro.

Quick look: key differences between Avigilon Alta and Aiphone 


Avigilon Alta


Remote management

Avigilon Alta allows easy management of multiple sites from a single dashboard 

Cloud-based software

Some Aiphone intercoms run on a cloud system, but their scalability is limited 

Voice AI call routing

Avigilon Alta’s voice AI streamlines the process of receiving guests 

Seamless integration

Aiphone supports limited integrations with third-party platforms

All-in-one solution

Most Aiphone intercoms require add-ons and have limited access control functions 

The innovative Video Intercom Reader Pro from Avigilon Alta

  • All-in-one access control, video and intercom system
  • 100% remote control through secure cloud-based management
  • Award-winning hardware design with slim profile and high-resolution camera 
  • Compatible with existing security systems and top app integrations
  • Seamless snap-in installation with a single PoE cable and standard wiring
  • AI capabilities for smart voice recognition and call routing 
  • Touchless Wave to Unlock for fast and reliable access

Comprehensive Aiphone intercom and access control review

While Aiphone intercoms are a more price-friendly solution compared to other security providers, their systems lack the advanced features present in all-in-one video intercoms. Aiphone’s cloud-based system can only be managed through the outdated Windows Client, and features that often come with modern door intercom systems, like remote unlock, are only available as an add-on. 

When it comes to installation, the process requires Aiphone to wire monitors to different stations, adding to the cost of extra hardware and installation. Integration with other property management software is also very limited. The receptionist mode in Aiphone intercoms, although convenient, has many drawbacks compared to the voice AI call routing feature in Avigilon Alta’s video intercom. Like the receptionist mode, some access options are convenient, but do not support the needs of larger residential and commercial spaces. 


Compared to many video intercom systems in the market, the Aiphone price falls in the cost-effective category, with hardware that runs as low as $700 before installation, activation, and monthly service fees. A pricier Aiphone intercom hardware with a HID reader is listed at $2400.

The Avigilon Alta system comes with many advanced features that are unavailable in the Aiphone video intercom, in different tiers and packages to suit a wide range of needs. Examples of the features that come standard with the Video Intercom Reader Pro are the higher-resolution camera (5MP compared to Aiphone’s 720p), a wide variety of access methods, and compact, award-winning hardware that installs effortlessly with a snap-in mount. When it comes to pricing, Avigilon Alta’s pay-per-use model helps keep overhead costs low and accommodates growth along with a business’s evolving needs.

Many of the built-in features in Avigilon Alta are not offered in the Aiphone video intercom, or are available at an added price. For example, the mobile app for the Aiphone IXG series video intercom comes with an additional fee. Plus, system updates in Aiphone can only be performed manually, a process that requires labor and time, and contributes to an ongoing overhead cost. 

Cloud-based video intercom system review

While both the Avigilon Alta and some Aiphone video intercom models run on a cloud-based system, there are vast differences to take into consideration between them, especially when it comes to flexibility and convenience. Aiphone’s video intercom relies on Windows Client, a system that can only be managed through compatible local hardware devices, and with updates that can only be performed manually.

One of the advantages of Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based system is its open platform, which enables effortless integration with third-party systems. This integration creates not only a more seamless process, but also an efficiently automated one, including the system updates.

Another major appeal of a cloud-based system is its infinite scalability. Avigilon Alta’s video intercom system supports limitless tenant directory, with a flexible pay-per-use pricing model that supports up to thousands of users. Additional features like remote management allow security admins to add multiple locations and sites to a network with a few clicks in a single dashboard, and remote unlock enables authorized personnel to open doors from anywhere in the world. With the Aiphone video intercom, remote unlock is available as an add-on and requires additional wiring, installation, and cost.

Installation and integration

When it comes to effortless hardware installation, Avigilon and Aiphone stand at opposite ends of the spectrum. The Avigilon video intercom uses one PoE cable and standard wiring, and the system’s easy installation eliminates the need to purchase and install different devices, apps and software, and integrate multiple systems. Plus, Avigilon’s device installs with an easy snap-in mechanism and its hardware design is elegant, compact, and versatile.

While some Aiphone video intercom models have PoE connectivity, the installation process requires wall-mounted monitors to be wired at each receiving station, and additional access control providers are required for models that do not have a built-in HID reader. Connecting with separate providers means wiring to multiple hardwares, adding labor and cost to the installation process.

One of the main deciding factors when choosing an apartment building or commercial security system is how easily it integrates with existing platforms. Because Avigilon Alta’s video intercom is built on an open API and mobile SDK, the system effortlessly connects with other hardware, software and apps. The built-in ACU functionality makes it compatible with any legacy systems, and the ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform allows an effortless integration with video security providers.

In contrast, the Aiphone video intercom supports limited integration with other platforms and has no capability to connect with property management software. Many Aiphone reviews mention a lack of customer support, while Avigilon offers 24/7 assistance with integration, installation and technical troubleshooting.

Voice AI and call routing features

One of the standout features in the Aiphone video intercom is Receptionist Mode. The mechanism disables paging and monitoring functions in a video intercom and enables calling to assist visitors when receptionists are unavailable. When a visitor makes a call when a station is in Receptionist Mode, it is automatically directed to a particular station. However, this mechanism does not function effectively and has many drawbacks. Depending on the setting, calls from visitors may not be received by the station. Additionally, the station is unable to receive calls from handset substations, door stations or group calls, rendering the Receptionist Mode ineffectual under many circumstances.

Avigilon Alta’s video intercom system serves a similar function more efficiently with its voice AI and call routing technologies. These mechanisms are unique in the video intercom market and intended to connect visitors to a directory, even after hours. The voice AI guides them to particular user directory paths, depending on settings such as door schedules, access schedules and tenant availability. When a visitor attempts to contact a tenant after hours or outside of the set times, the 24/7 intelligent call routing can connect them to not just one station, but one of multiple lines, including a voicemail, alternative tenant or other specific directory path. This feature ensures that visitors always have a way to be connected, even when tenants are unable to receive them. 

Secure access options

While more security systems are offering a multitude of access options to keep up with the latest technologies, the Aiphone video intercom access methods remain limited. Some newer models feature a touchscreen entrance panel that can be configured for touchless entry and a built-in card reader, but integration with a third-party access control system is needed. The more advanced Aiphone video intercoms have basic mobile capabilities that allow tenants to communicate with visitors through two-way audio and live video, and grant access through an app.

Aiphone’s multi-tenant video intercom has the ability to support eight different calls simultaneously. Although this feature is useful, the limited number of calls the system is able to receive at the same time makes the Aiphone video intercom a less ideal solution for larger residential complexes and corporations with hundreds of people coming in and out of the building.

The elevator control in Aiphone video intercom allows tenants to grant elevator access to specific floors. However, this feature is overshadowed by the inconvenient fact that Aiphone does not provide temporary guest passes or other forms for property access, adding inefficiencies to a security procedure that should be seamless.

Avigilon Alta’s video intercom stands in stark contrast to Aiphone. The system allows users to grant access from a range of mobile devices through a mobile app, and the touchless Wave to Unlock opens doors with a quick swipe of the hand. The hands-free technology allows visitors to request access without entering personal information into a public device, or having to scroll through a huge directory to find who they are looking for.

High- and low-frequency key card and fob access is available for users who prefer physical credentials, and the intercom reader is backward compatible with legacy access control systems. With Avigilon, users are able to grant temporary entry access to visitors or service providers through email, text messages, or messaging apps. Temporary guest passes are entirely customizable and permit one or more entries within a limited time, accessible directly from a visitor’s smartphone browser.

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Avigilon Alta vs. Aiphone video intercom use cases

Here are examples of how the Avigilon Alta Video Intercom Reader Pro serves a wider spectrum of security needs compared to the Aiphone video intercom:


  • Designed for multi-tenant operators in smaller residential, commercial, retail, education and mixed-use spaces. 
  • Due to its limited scalability, the system is not ideal for bigger residential units or large corporations. 
  • Suitable for buildings with basic access control needs that are able to operate with less robust security. 
  • Fits the needs of smaller buildings that require security system customizations. 
  • Offers a cost-effective DIY approach to security without built-in features. 

Avigilon Alta:

  • A security solution designed to support all functionality, from multi-unit residential complexes to large commercial buildings and multisite enterprises.
  • Ideal for expanding businesses, supporting their growth with infinite scalability.
  • Suitable for multi-tenant buildings that require flexibility in access methods and permissions without sacrificing robustness in security. 
  • Fits the needs of a building looking for an all-in-one solution without additional wiring and hardware installation.
  • Offers advanced, future-proof features designed with the user experience in mind. 

Alternatives to Aiphone video intercom

There are more advanced video intercom and access options available if Aiphone access control is not the right solution for your business or residence. If you are looking for a video intercom system with built-in features that makes security more flexible, Avigilon’s Video Intercom Reader Pro might be right for you. The system comes with a doorbell, reader, speaker and microphone with automotive grade code and echo reduction, and Bluetooth support for mobile credentials. An optimized mobile experience with video calling, two-way audio and remote unlocking capabilities from the app round off the list of features that make the Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro a truly all-in-one access control solution.

The Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro offers a complete access control system that fills in the gaps where there are voids in the Aiphone intercom features. Integration with existing security systems is not only supported, but is effortless. The Avigilon Alta video intercom’s cloud-based system enables users to scale without limit, and its cutting-edge features make security more convenient without sacrificing the user experience.

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