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Trusted Abu Dhabi door access control and commercial door lock installation 

Abu Dhabi is a global business hub and is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world. While the overall crime rate in the city is low, white collar crimes remain a reality in the UAE, highlighting the importance of smart physical security solutions.

As a leading provider of advanced physical security technologies, Avigilon works closely with experienced access control contractors in Abu Dhabi to help local businesses strengthen existing security infrastructure and defend against common threats. Qualified access control system installers with intimate knowledge of the local area will guide stakeholders through the development of unique security installations.

Local experts can reduce risk factors with innovative solutions featuring the latest intelligent technologies. Avigilon’s cloud-based, mobile-native solutions provide strong access control balanced with contactless convenience for users and increased flexibility for security teams. 

To ensure new installations are optimised to defend against common local threats, Avigilon partners with a network of certified access control contractors based in Abu Dhabi. Bespoke solutions can be developed for businesses of any size, with experienced professionals offering guidance about access control upgrades, repairs, integrations and expected costs.

Whether you need a key card entry system installer to help strengthen access security in an office environment, or a full-scale commercial security door installation team to completely rework outdated security systems, partnered Avigilon security experts provide professional support.

Whatever the job, Avigilon’s commercial access control installation partners are trained and certified to install the latest Avigilon Alta access solutions to protect your Abu Dhabi property.

  • Smart technologies – Avigilon Alta technologies incorporate smart features to strengthen security while improving convenience. Our partnered Abu Dhabi access control security system installers offer innovative solutions, including AI-powered video intercom readers and touchless access control readers.

  • Mobile-first access – While security is the priority, access control installers also ensure systems are convenient to use. Installers in Abu Dhabi can demonstrate the benefits of mobile credential readers and hands-free solutions, enabling authorised users to unlock doors with simple gesture controls.

  • Varied credential types — Develop layered security for high- and low-risk areas using specialised credentials for select locations. Key card installers can fit convenient token-based readers in low-risk areas, while high-risk locations like server rooms and cash-counting areas can be secured behind advanced biometric credentials.

  • Seamless integration – Harness the benefits of integrated property management tools designed to unify access control, CCTV and building management solutions within a single centralised platform. With Avigilon Alta’s open architecture design, access control integrators in Abu Dhabi can develop seamless management systems with controls and live data feeds for all active devices combined in one platform.

  • Cloud-native solutions – Avigilon’s partnered access control security system installers help teams transition from cumbersome physical servers to modern cloud-based solutions. This helps businesses and offices transition to seamless badging systems for employees, can reduce maintenance costs and can free up floor-space while enabling security teams to monitor installations remotely.

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The best keyless, fob and card access system installation for your Abu Dhabi-based business

Avigilon’s network of experienced access control and commercial door lock installers works with your teams to ensure all installations are designed in line with unique requirements. Local security experts will assess your property to identify any areas in need of additional protection, consulting with property owners to determine appropriate tools and technologies. 

Avigilon only partners with respected access control installation companies in Abu Dhabi and qualified installers, all of whom have extensive experience working with local businesses to protect key assets from common threats. Local business owners receive comprehensive support, from initial site surveys to advice regarding access control system costs. Below are just a few reasons why our installation partners offer best-in-class service:

  • Training and certification – Office building access control installers in Abu Dhabi keep their skills and product knowledge up to date through stringent certification programmes and continuous training plans, with intimate knowledge of local security issues.

  • Custom solutions – Avigilon’s access control installation partners in the UAE know all businesses have unique security requirements. Experienced professionals will perform detailed assessments of existing systems to identify potential flaws, while recommending custom solutions designed with longevity in mind and tailored to suit varying budgets.

  • Business-focused – Our partnered Abu Dhabi contractors understand the unique demands of commercial environments, and will work quickly and efficiently to complete access control installations with minimal disruption caused to essential business operations.

  • Comprehensive support – From initial planning to integration requests and ongoing maintenance, local key fob door entry system installers and security experts will be on hand to support clients in any way possible, as well as with an award-winning customer support team available 24/7.

Whatever type of access control installation service your Abu Dhabi business needs, you’ll find highly qualified providers in Avigilon’s network. Get in touch with your local access control vendor today. 

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