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Secure your Dublin business with the best access control technology available. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, is an industry-leading access control solution in Dublin providing cloud-based mobile solutions throughout Ireland. If you’re looking for the best access control in Dublin but don’t want to sacrifice convenience, ask your local commercial access control system installers in Dublin about Avigilon. The smartphone-based credentials and open platform offer a unique combination of flexibility and heightened security for your Ireland building. Access control and commercial security installers in Dublin recommend Avigilon for its best-in-class security, and also because the installation is quick and efficient, minimizing disruption to local businesses. Avigilon hardware is designed with convenient plug-and-play wiring architecture, meaning Dublin access control installers can avoid a full rip-and-replace of the existing system when upgrading. Avigilon Alta is also backward compatible with many legacy Dublin access control security systems, giving businesses the flexibility to use a hybrid system. Access control installers in Ireland that partner with Avigilon always receive up-to-date training and marketing materials about the latest updates, features, and products. With a large network of certified access control providers, including Dublin commercial security door installers and commercial security electromagnetic door lock installers in Dublin, Avigilon is an excellent choice for property owners that want professional, top-quality security system installation.

  • Mobile credentials that are secure, touchless, and flexible
    With Avigilon Alta, your smartphone is your key. The easy-to-use mobile credentials are more secure than traditional access methods, with end-to-end encryption at every level. To increase safety as well as security, Avigilon Alta can be configured for touchless building access. With contactless Wave to Unlock enabled, users can wave their hand or phone in front of the door reader to unlock the door without opening an app or having the phone in active mode. Contact an Avigilon-certified installer for Dublin businesses to ensure that your doors operate seamlessly with this mechanism. Backed by the patented Triple Unlock, Avigilon Alta ensures a reliable, fast, and secure unlocking experience for all users. With 99.9% reliability, the technology uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data signals simultaneously for fast unlock, every time. Access is always granted, even when the internet is down or the power is out. In order to add flexibility to Dublin commercial access control solutions, Avigilon Alta also offers encrypted key cards and access fobs that work alongside our mobile credentials, all on the same system. Even if you have existing legacy access control credentials, Avigilon Alta is backward compatible to help businesses retain their initial investment.

  • Remote management and safety features
    Moving security management to the cloud, Avigilon Alta enables organizations to centralize their operations with remote access from anywhere. Manage your Dublin access control system anywhere, at any time, with features like remote unlock, door schedule changes, instant mobile credentialing, and the ability to add or remove entries in just a few clicks. Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based access platform also comes equipped with native occupancy tracking features, helping Dublin organizations adhere to social distancing guidelines in the workplace and make more informed decisions regarding space management, amenity usage, and leasing arrangements. Plus, with software updates installed automatically over the cloud, your business is always running on the most advanced security platform.

  • Enterprise grade access control features
    Looking for the best enterprise access control companies in Dublin? Avigilon Alta’s access control solution is scalable for enterprise organizations, with features that make multi-site management easier, like granular and site-specific permissions, Flexible Lockdown plans, and out-of-the-box integrations with enterprise video management systems. In the Avigilon Alta App Marketplace, users can discover new integrations and review over 40 leading technology partners that Avigilon Alta can integrate with. Another convenient feature is remote access, which allows you to do more with less headcount, increasing the ROI on your Dublin security system investment. Plus, the open API architecture and mobile SDKs make it effortless to automate processes across your entire operation for a holistic approach to enterprise security.

  • All-in-one video surveillance and access control solution
    For Dublin businesses that typically receive a large number of visitors or businesses located in high-traffic areas, adding business video surveillance cameras can enhance security. Video surveillance allows users to keep track of each individual entering and exiting a building, and launch proper protocols should security irregularities occur. Avigilon offers a range of products that perfectly pairs video surveillance with advanced access control features. The Video Intercom Reader Pro with built-in super high-definition 5MP camera and a wide viewing angle enables users to see details of every access event, from each individual using the card entry system to the activity that takes place at the door. Providing more than just visual verification, the device also features a doorbell, multi-technology reader, and intelligent intercom system with the unique voice AI capabilities, making the Video Intercom Reader Pro a complete access control solution.

  • The best Dublin customer service, available 24/7
    At Avigilon, we put our customers’ needs first. Our dedicated customer support team is standing by 24/7 to answer questions, provide guidance, troubleshoot your system, and dispatch local Dublin access control installers if needed. You can easily reach out to the customer service team via phone, email, or online chat. We also have an extensive online library of free help articles, including access control guides, integration documentation, setup information, and common FAQs. Have an idea to make Avigilon work better for your business? Let us know, and we’ll get to work developing a solution that meets your specific needs.

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Finding the right access control company in Dublin is an essential part of securing your business. Property owners and businesses in Ireland can get the best Dublin access control systems by partnering with local installers and technology integrators. Avigilon works with a network of trained and certified access control system installers in Dublin and throughout Ireland who can help determine the specific security needs of your space. Avigilon partners have extensive experience with access control security system installation in Dublin, North Quays, Temple Bar, and the International Financial Services Centre. Whether creating a new security system from scratch or retrofitting an existing legacy access control system, Avigilon has a solution for you. Dublin access control contractors recommend Avigilon for its frictionless, secure access methods. Plus, it’s easy to install and easy to use. The cloud-based platform gives businesses more flexibility, and the open platform can easily integrate with the tools, apps, and building systems you use every day.

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