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Expert access control, key card and key fob installer in Washington State

When selecting access control system installers and commercial security integrators, it is crucial to select a company with specific knowledge of Washington state access control. Avigilon and our certified access control installers and access control security companies in Washington state are well-established providers of physical security and access control security systems for office, retail, industrial and multi-family buildings and campuses. Our certified commercial access control system installers in Washington state can help with all your security needs, from burglar alarms to commercial security doors. We can put you in touch with the right contractors that work with Avigilon and can accommodate a wide range of security needs, from access control contractors to commercial security door installers in Washington state. Here are some of the benefits of working with Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath:

  • Complete access control solution
    There are many elements that make up a comprehensive security system. Business owners often consider incorporating technologies like video surveillance, wireless commercial door locks, and biometric access on top of the basic lock-and-key security feature. Creating a complete access control system often involves extra wiring to countless hardware and software, and opting for an all-in-one system can help eliminate the need to purchase separate components and reduce additional installation costs. Avigilon offers a wide range of access control products, from card access readers to video intercoms, that work as an all-in-one system. For example, the Video Intercom Reader Pro, an advanced door access card reader system, features super high-definition cameras with wide viewing angles to strengthen security with the clearest visual verification. The device also comes with a multi-technology reader, intelligent intercom, and doorbell, so users can have these convenient functions in one sleek device. As locks are an important part of security, we can help you find the right commercial security door lock installer in Washington state that can integrate your locks with Avigilon Alta.

  • No software to install, no servers to manage
    Avigilon Alta’s software is cloud-based, which means you can manage your access control system from anywhere, on any browser. Admins can manage multiple locations in a user-friendly dashboard and open doors from anywhere in the world with the Remote Unlock feature. The cloud-based system also supports infinite scaling. New users can be conveniently added to a network with a few clicks of the mouse. With the software, you can see real-time statistics and reports from anywhere and integrate the intuitive system with your HR and IT software to synchronize users, making day-to-day administration much easier. Best of all, the software stays updated in real-time so you benefit from the latest features without having to buy new software or schedule updates at each of your locations. Plus, Avigilon Alta’s open API and mobile SDK allows seamless integrations with other hardware, apps, and third-party platforms. Users can go to the Avigilon Alta App Marketplace to discover new integrations and review more than 40 technology partners like Ava, Avigilon, and Cisco Meraki that can integrate with Avigilon Alta. The ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform allows a seamless integration with video security providers, and the built-in ACU makes the system compatible with any legacy system.

  • Frictionless access using your mobile phone
    Mobile credentials have become a must have for any access control system. Investing in a system that supports mobile credentials is an important factor when considering which system to purchase. Avigilon’s patented Triple Unlock technology ensures mobile access works every time by leveraging three signals on your mobile phone to unlock a door (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular) for fast entry with 99.9% reliability. And with Avigilon’s Wave to Unlock, you can open doors with a quick wave of your hand or phone. To take full advantage of this advanced technology, we recommend partnering with the right keyless entry door lock installers for Washington state businesses.

  • Key cards and fobs support
    All Avigilon Alta-enabled doors and entries support the use of key card and key fob access control credentials, as well as mobile. This means that all your existing cards and fobs will work with your new Avigilon Alta system. You can also issue new physical credentials if those are not already available. Plus, Avigilon Alta supports encrypted cards and fobs, giving you a more secure choice for credentials, as they cannot be easily copied or duplicated.

  • Top-rated 24/7 customer support
    Avigilon’s top-rated customer service offers assistance in many forms, from web and email to direct phone support. Our representatives are also available round-the-clock to assist customers with training and answer technical questions whenever they need it. With Avigilon’s local Washington-based installation partners, you can expect a quick response. Our partners are available to meet you onsite and help with all your security needs.

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Finding the best access control technology for your location means partnering with the best access control system installers in Washington state. Avigilon Alta’s access control technology is modern, easy to use and considered best in class for any new installation or upgrade to a legacy system. Access control security system installation in Washington state can be easy and effortless if you partner with the right installers that are available in major cities like Spokane, Tacoma, and Bellevue. Our system integration partners and access control companies in Washington state have been installing access control systems in the area for years, and understand how to best partner with you to specify the right system for your building and budget. Regardless of whether you are moving into a new location and need a brand new physical access control system, or if you need to upgrade or expand upon an existing one, we can help you quickly figure out the best access control solution for your needs and partner with the best access control contractors in Washington state.

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