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Professional access control and commercial door lock installation in Phoenix

When it comes to safeguarding your assets, Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath)’s future-proof access control system is a top choice among Arizona business owners. Updating your Phoenix access control system is fast and efficient with Avigilon Alta’s plug-and-play hardware. Plus, the feature-rich cloud software is easy for Phoenix commercial security integrators to configure in just a few clicks. Whether you need to secure a single office in Downtown Phoenix or an entire enterprise with locations throughout Arizona, Avigilon Alta has a solution that’s customizable to fit your unique business needs.

  • The most reliable and convenient access methods in the industry
    With a mobile solution like Avigilon Alta, people just need their smartphone to unlock the door, making it a convenient and secure alternative to traditional card access control systems. Smartphone credentials are more convenient and more secure than traditional RFID key cards, which makes them a popular choice for Phoenix area key card access control system upgrades. If you’re looking for a more flexible access control solution, Avigilon Alta lets users unlock the door via mobile app (with a touchless Wave to Unlock feature), Apple Watch, tablet app, Cloud Key credentials, or highly encrypted key cards and fobs, all on the same system. Backed by patented Triple Unlock technology, the system uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data to ensure a consistent, safe, and fast unlocking experience, even when the Internet goes down. A keyless electromagnetic door lock installer in Phoenix can enable touchless mobile access for all your doors, turnstiles, elevators, and parking gates with Avigilon Alta.

  • Cloud-based platform with enterprise-grade scalability
    When flexibility and scalability are a priority, an access control security company in Phoenix like Avigilon Alta can make all the difference in your Arizona enterprise building security. Because the entire system operates in the cloud, administrators have access to the entire enterprise from any device, anywhere in the world. This means you can add new doors, zones, and entire building sites to the network instantly, in just a few clicks. By centralizing your security management with remote access tools, you can reduce administrative costs, improve response time, and enhance physical asset protection. Avigilon Alta is a smart investment that maximizes ROI for your organization. Plus, because the software updates automatically over the cloud, you won’t need to pay for a Phoenix access control system company to come out to your property every time there’s a new feature or security upgrade.

  • Adding safety to security with native features and integrations
    As a leading safety platform for the built world, Avigilon Alta is an access control solution for Phoenix businesses that does more than just unlock the door. The comprehensive key fob access control solution comes with occupancy tracking features built-in to automate and enforce social distancing in your Arizona workplace. Avigilon Alta’s touchless access and award-winning Lockdown features give you added peace of mind that your Phoenix offices are safer for everyone. Phoenix access control installers also love that the open architecture allows for seamless integration with other building systems, including 40+ top technology companies available in the App Marketplace. By integrating with access control systems, Arizona businesses can automate tasks and streamline operations across their entire access control security system installation in Phoenix and other locations, too. Avigilon Alta’s real-time activity data can also sync with building intelligence tools, empowering business owners with valuable insights into how to make their spaces safer and healthier.

  • Best-in-class security solutions for Arizona businesses
    As an access control system company in Phoenix with a complete solution, Avigilon Alta technology does more with less investment. The multi-technology Smart Readers, including advanced door access card readers, work with a wide range of credentials, and are backward compatible with most legacy systems, too. In addition, Avigilon Alta offers the Video Reader Pro, with a high-definition video camera for live monitoring, and the Video Intercom Reader Pro to support two-way audio and visitor management. Your Phoenix commercial access control system installer can easily connect these products to existing video security cameras thanks to the ONVIF-compliant platform, strengthening the security posture for your entire business. With a full range of Smart Hub and controller boards, a commercial security door installer in Phoenix can easily accommodate any number of doors, sites, and users with Avigilon Alta.

  • Access control support available 24/7
    When choosing a new security partner for your space, work with an Arizona access control company with the best customer service. Avigilon Alta customers have 24/7 access to our dedicated support team, as well as an online library of help articles and free guides. Easily find information on access control setup, integrations, and common FAQs with a quick search. If you need assistance with your Avigilon Alta hardware, a member of our award-winning support team can troubleshoot your system over the cloud, and dispatch a local access control installer in Phoenix for any on-site needs. Reach out to our customer service team by email, phone, or online chat — we’re here to help.

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The best key card and key fob access solution for your Phoenix-based business

Looking for the best Phoenix access control company near you? When comparing access control systems in Arizona, always work with a company that partners with local Phoenix area installers to ensure you get fast, reliable service. While legacy providers have been a popular Phoenix access control security system option, many companies are making the switch to cloud-based solutions. Avigilon Alta is a leading provider of mobile, cloud-based access control in Phoenix, and also serves the surrounding cities in Arizona, including Paradise Valley, Glendale, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Peoria.

Local Arizona access control system installers recommend Avigilon Alta to their customers because it’s quick to install in almost any space, and the cloud platform makes security management easier than ever. Our certified Phoenix commercial access control system installers have deployed advanced physical security systems in Downtown Phoenix offices, Arizona entertainment venues, and properties throughout Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe. Access control integrators in Maricopa County can connect Avigilon Alta to your video surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and identity management platforms for full-building security, all managed on one interface. With standard wiring and backward compatibility, Avigilon Alta can be deployed as a standalone system, or as a hybrid access control model. Schedule a site walk with a Phoenix access control installer to get a customized physical security plan and price quote.

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