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Expert access control, key card and key fob installer in Tampa

Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, is a versatile and scalable access control security company in Tampa Bay, with solutions for office, retail, industrial, multi-family residential, educational, and religious buildings and sites. Avigilon Alta’s cutting-edge technology is ideal for small two-door businesses and large campuses with multiple entry types like elevators, garages, and turnstiles. Access control system contractors in Tampa can easily set up your system with easy-to-install hardware and app-based configuration. Our unique access control capabilities give you options, including supporting multiple credential types and access levels. Here are some of the things that make Avigilon Alta different:

  • Frictionless access with your mobile phone
    Avigilon Alta’s mobile-first philosophy means our mobile credentials, including key card access control system, stand out from other Tampa access control system companies. Designed to be truly frictionless, you can unlock doors with the touchless Wave to Unlock feature. Plus, our patented Triple Unlock technology communicates using three signals: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular, while others rely on one or two methods. With features like remote unlock, guest access, and lockdown, our mobile app is robust but easy to use, making Avigilon Alta the preferred mobile access control security system for Tampa businesses.

  • Key cards and fobs supported
    To add to the flexibility of access control security system installation in Tampa, Avigilon readers support low frequency and high frequency key cards, key fob access control, and fobs. This means a keyless building entry system installer for Tampa business and residential buildings can configure the Avigilon Alta system to work with your existing credentials, alongside mobile keys. Avigilon also sells cards and fobs with the highest encryption on the market that you can use in combination with or instead of mobile credentials.

  • Cloud-based technology and mobile management
    With Avigilon Alta, software updates happen in the background to minimize downtime and costs for access control card readers. Plus, the remotely accessible platform lets you add users, create schedules, and run reports from anywhere on any device. Devices with built-in video cameras, such as the Video Reader Pro and Video Intercom Reader Pro, also feature live views and on-demand playback directly on your mobile device for improved visual verification without being on-site.

  • Open integration ecosystem for all your tools
    Our open API framework means Avigilon Alta works with a variety of software applications you already use, like G Suite, Okta, and Slack. The App Marketplace features over 40 available integrations with the best technology and security companies, making it easy for Tampa access control system installers to build out a more custom solution for you. Plus, our ONVIF-compliant video platform seamlessly connects to business video security systems and software like Ava, Cisco Meraki, Avigilon, and Milestone. Have an existing Tampa access control security system? Ask your commercial security system installer in Tampa about Avigilon Alta’s backward compatibility to add the latest mobile and cloud-based features to your building and retain your initial investment.

  • First-class customer support
    Avigilon customer support technicians are always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Tampa access control security system installation and configuration of your Avigilon system. We believe customer engagement is incredibly important, and unlike other West Florida access control system companies, we provide support web, phone, and email contact information in our cloud software and mobile app to make it as easy as possible to get in touch with us. Our local Tampa access control installers are also available if you require onsite assistance.

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Selecting the best access control system installer in Tampa means evaluating several key factors: reliability, affordability, and dependability. Access control is a critical component of any building or site, and it’s important to work with highly qualified providers and integrators to ensure your system is tailored to your needs. Avigilon works with trained and experienced commercial access control system installers across the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater area who can perform site inspections, provide quotes, and install Avigilon access control hardware to get you up and running. Avigilon’s best-in-class hardware and software is award winning and, most importantly, easy to use and configure, securing your office conveniently and cost-efficiently.

Our Tampa commercial security door installer partner integrators are experienced access control providers and will work with you to create a solution that’s right for you. To make sure you get exactly what you need, an access control contractor in Tampa will account for building type and size, door and lock capabilities, as well as integrated solutions like video surveillance, alarm systems, and fire safety. Our national network of West Florida access control system installers extend well past Tampa, and can support you as your business grows and expands.

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