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Professional access control and commercial door lock installation in San Antonio

Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, provides industry-leading access control technology that’s perfect for local San Antonio office and coworking spaces, multi-family residential spaces, as well as religious and educational buildings. Our systems are customizable to fit your needs, and our experienced San Antonio access control system installer partners will work with you every step of the way. Here are some reasons why to choose Avigilon Alta as your access control system company in San Antonio:

  • Frictionless access with mobile credentials
    Mobile credentials are a convenient and secure alternative to traditional card access control systems and fobs. They enable biometric 2FA, providing an extra layer of security. They can even be used for sharing guest access or activating a lockdown plan. Avigilon Alta’s mobile credentials are unique in that they use patented Triple Unlock technology to improve reliability. Avigilon Alta leverages three signals (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular) to unlock doors, while other mobile credentials may only use one or two methods. Plus, Avigilon Alta mobile credentials are truly frictionless and touchless, as there’s no need to open the app to unlock the door – simply wave your hand or phone by the reader to open the door. Ask your keyless entry door system installer for San Antonio business and commercial buildings about Avigilon Alta for touchless access.

  • Support for traditional access methods
    Avigilon Alta multi-technology Smart Readers also support the use of key fob entry systems and fobs. If you’re already using keycards and fobs, your San Antonio commercial security door lock installer can configure Avigilon Alta to support legacy credentials thanks to backward compatibility. You can use a mix of traditional and mobile credentials with Avigilon readers, so there’s no need to add more hardware to your access control security system installation in San Antonio. An access control system installer in San Antonio can also provide Avigilon’s encrypted MIFARE DESFire cards, which are considered the most secure cards available on the market.

  • Intelligent integrations with open standards
    Since Avigilon Alta’s software is cloud-based, you can add users, credentials, schedules, and review real-time statistics and reports from any device, anywhere in the world. Plus, Avigilon Alta is built on open standards, and integrates with software like G Suite, Okta, and Slack, making it even easier to use. Discover more than 40 available apps with leading tech companies for integrating with video security systems, tenant apps, building management, and visitor management systems.

  • Future-proof San Antonio access control security systems
    Access control security system installation in San Antonio is a large investment, so choosing a South Texas provider for door card readers is an important decision. Avigilon Alta uses automatic, over-the-air software updates to maximize system uptime and ensure San Antonio businesses are getting the best protection from the latest security vulnerabilities. With readers featuring built-in video and intercom capabilities, San Antonio commercial security integrators can add visual and audio verification with a single device at the door. Plus, Avigilon Alta offers a full range of access controller devices to secure anywhere from a single door, up to hundreds across any number of buildings, sites, and entry types. A commercial security door and electromagnetic lock installer in San Antonio can help put together the best combination of Avigilon hardware to secure your entire organization.

  • Helpful and responsive technical support
    We understand that any issues with something as critical as your access control system company need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. That’s why our technical support team is easily reachable by phone, online chat, and email to troubleshoot and answer questions. And if you need onsite assistance, our local San Antonio commercial access control system installer partners are available and will work with you to resolve any issues that might occur.

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Secure your San Antonio business with the top access control, key fob or key card installation

For property and business owners in San Antonio, TX, finding the best access control solution means partnering with the best local door security system installers and technology vendors. Avigilon works with trained and certified local system integrators throughout the San Antonio area who will help you determine your access control needs. Whether you’re retrofitting a legacy system to add mobile credentials or need an entirely new system from scratch, Avigilon can develop a solution that’s right for you. With innovative, intuitive technology, Avigilon Alta creates frictionless access control systems that are easy to install and easy to use. Plus, our open platform means it’s easy to integrate with the technology and apps you use everyday.

Avigilon partners with highly trained commercial access control system installers in South Texas. If your access control needs extend beyond San Antonio, we can also provide national coverage for other offices and locations you might have. Additionally, if you’re in the market for other security systems like intrusion alarms, video surveillance, and visitor management, our commercial security door installers and technology partners can help with that, too.

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