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Professional access control and commercial door lock installation in Miami

Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, solutions offer a range of access control capabilities, including touchless mobile device entry, cloud-based management, key card and fob support, and built-in video. As a leading access control company in Miami, Avigilon Alta provides sophisticated key fob door systems, tailored for the unique security requirements of local businesses. This versatility gives Miami access control contractors the power to select a variety of credential types and access entry methods that best meet your required standards. Our partners are all certified access control installers and companies in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the Palm Beaches. They have helped to plan and implement physical access control security systems throughout South Florida commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. As a result, both our technology and partners are able to support you whether your project is for a small-scale setup, enterprise-level infrastructure, brand new location, or integrating into an existing access control ecosystem.

Avigilon Alta offers you:

  • Frictionless access using your mobile phone
    The world is mobile-first, and so supporting mobile credentials has become a must have for any modern access control system in the South Florida area. Avigilon has patented a unique Triple Unlock system utilizing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals to ensure the mobile device works seamlessly every time to unlock the entry. Ask your Miami commercial security installer about implementing this touchless access method for your entries.

  • Key cards and fobs support
    All entryways with Avigilon’s technology support the use of key cards and fobs as a credential method for unlocking doors. In addition, your users will still maintain the option of using mobile enabled entry. Along with supporting mobile entry, all Avigilon Alta enabled doors in Miami also facilitate the traditional key card entry system, offering a reliable and secure method of access. This even includes whether you issue new cards and fobs. Avigilon Alta supports the latest encrypted cards and fobs as well, which gives you an even more secure choice for credentials as they cannot be easily copied or duplicated.

  • Scalable, easy-to-install hardware
    Avigilon Alta’s system in Miami is equipped with door access card readers, making it a suitable choice for various commercial and residential properties. Using standard wiring and multiple mounting options, Avigilon Alta streamlines access control security installation in Miami. Offering a complete range of ACUs, controller boards, and Smart Readers, Avigilon Alta is customizable to secure a single door, or up to thousands across any number of locations. The Video Reader Pro and Video Intercom Reader Pro also include ONVIF-compliant video cameras for easy integration into existing business security camera systems, too.

  • No software to install, no servers to manage
    As a cloud-based access control company, Avigilon Alta offers Miami businesses more flexibility and control from anywhere with a remotely accessible dashboard and mobile monitoring tools. Avigilon Alta’s software is cloud-based, which means you can manage your access control system in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the South Florida area from anywhere else in the world, and on any browser. You will be able to see real-time data from anywhere as well. The software is easy and intuitive, and ready to integrate it with your administration, HR and IT software, which synchronizes users and makes the day to day management much easier. Plus, Miami access control contractors recommend the mobile tools for remotely unlocking doors, activating lockdowns, and viewing live video from Pro Series readers, right from your smartphone. The Avigilon Alta access control cloud based software stays updated in real time, so you will continuously benefit from all the latest and greatest features we have to offer without having to buy new software or schedule updates with a South Florida access control security company at each of your locations.

  • 24/7 award-winning customer support
    Avigilon Alta is different from other access control companies in Miami as we offer our end customers and installers web, email, and phone support directly to help with training and technical questions. Our local Florida commercial access control system installation partners are also responsive and available to meet you onsite and assist with any of your security needs. We love talking to our customers and value their feedback and questions. The only way we can keep making our product better is from direct customer feedback so we take customer support seriously and have teams waiting at the ready to help you.

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Scalable key card and key fob access systems for Miami buildings

To find the best access control solution in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach you need to partner with the best commercial access control system installers and technology vendors South Florida has to offer. Avigilon’s access control technology is innovative, easy to use, sleek in design, and considered best-in-class. In addition to our leading access control technology, we partner with a network of highly capable access control contractors and commercial security door lock installers in Miami who support customers throughout the South Florida area. Our commercial access control installation partners in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the Palm Beaches have been preparing new infrastructures and expanding existing systems in the surrounding area for years. Together, we can quickly determine and implement the right system for your location, security standards, and budget.Work with a local keyless entry door lock installer for Miami business and commercial properties to plan and implement the best access control systems. Whether you need to secure a single store in the Miami area, several locations throughout South Florida, or national coverage for other offices and locations you might have, our partners can help. Most importantly, our certified installers support all of your physical security needs ranging from video surveillance integration, biometric access, alarm systems, and much more.

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