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Professional access control and commercial door lock installation in Bristol and Bath

When comparing cloud-based access control systems in Bristol and Bath, there are certain features and capabilities to look for. Access control system reviews will tell you if the system supports mobile credentials, if the unlocking experience is reliable, and how easy the software is to manage. As the leading provider of mobile access control solutions in the UK, with a 94% mobile adoption rate, Avigilon Alta — formerly Openpath — provides a fast, reliable, and secure unlocking experience using your smartphone. The cloud-managed software has robust security features, with customizations and the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs on the fly. Installing access control systems in the UK can be a major pain point for businesses. Avigilon partners with the best commercial access control system installers in Bristol and Bath, ensuring your deployment is installed quickly and efficiently to minimize interruptions to business. For a quick and seamless installation process and to make sure that your door readers work seamlessly with the system, contact an Avigilon-certified Bristol and Bath commercial security door installer and commercial security integrator in Bristol and Bath. Avigilon’s hardware is designed with convenient plug-and-play wiring, making it easy to install in just about any building, even retrofit deployments. Plus, Avigilon is backward compatible with legacy hardware, so your Bristol access control security company won’t need to do a full rip-and-replace to get you up and running. Local access control installers in Bristol receive the latest training and marketing materials to provide top-quality service, and will be the first to know about the latest features and products from Avigilon. Here’s what makes Avigilon a favorite UK access control in Bristol and Bath workplaces.

  • Flexible access control with touchless capabilities
    Improve safety and convenience at your Bristol workplace without sacrificing security. Avigilon Alta’s Wave to Unlock lets users unlock the door with a wave of the hand or phone to a reader. This convenient feature eliminates the need to open the app or even have an active phone. We recommend that you contact a commercial door lock system installer for Bristol and Bath businesses to ensure that your doors can work seamlessly with this technology. The Avigilon Alta mobile experience also supports unlocking in the app, via Apple Watch, and tablet apps. If you prefer to use a key card access control system in Bristol, Avigilon Alta also offers secure key cards and access fobs with the highest encryption levels available, and is backward compatible with many common legacy credentials. Because reliability matters, we developed a patented Triple Unlock technology that ensures a fast unlocking experience using three data signals simultaneously. Rated at 99.9% reliability, the technology races Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals, so users can gain access even when the power is out or the internet is down. For the best touchless access control in Bath or Bristol, Avigilon is the clear choice.

  • Cloud-based, remote management for Bath access control solutions
    Cloud-based access control systems provide many benefits. With Avigilon Alta, you get remote access to your entire Bristol or Bath access control system from anywhere. Features like remote unlock, instant mobile credentialing, and adding new doors and locations makes 24/7 security management possible anywhere in the world. In terms of scaling, Avigilon Alta makes it easy for businesses to scale up or back, depending on their needs. With a few clicks on a dashboard, new users can be conveniently added to a network. Because security needs can change by the hour, Avigilon Alta allows security teams to maximize their control and visibility without adding more headcount. Whenever there’s a new software update or security feature, instead of paying a technician to come out and patch your servers, Avigilon Alta automatically deploys the update over-the-air. No more expensive software upgrades or waiting around for a maintenance truck.

  • Advanced safety solutions with built-in occupancy tracking
    Bristol access control systems should do more than just secure the building. With Avigilon Alta’s feature-rich system, you can also automate operations and enforce safety protocols. Manage office capacity with built-in occupancy tracking for all your locations through your Avigilon Alta Bristol access control system to enforce social distancing in the workplace. Because Avigilon Alta runs on an open API and mobile SDK, integrations with hardware, software, apps, and third-party platforms are easy. The ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform also makes integrations with video security providers seamless. Users can discover new integrations in the Avigilon Alta App Marketplace and see over 40 leading technology partners that are compatible with the Avigilon Alta system. Automate digital health verifications, expedite contact tracing efforts, and even create more energy-efficient buildings by using access activity from Avigilon Alta. With detailed reporting and real-time data, the information can be ingested directly into business intelligence tools to inform important decisions like hiring, space management, subleasing, and new technology investments.

  • Enhanced security with video surveillance
    Many businesses are incorporating video surveillance into their security operations to get clear visuals of exactly who enters and exits a building. For buildings located in high-traffic areas, a video surveillance system also allows users to see exactly what goes on at the door. Avigilon offers video security products that allow users to get clear visuals with a built-in super high-definition camera with wide viewing angles. With the Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro, the device offers much more than clear views of access events. Included are features like a doorbell, multi-technology reader, and intelligent door intercom with voice AI capabilities, making the system a truly all-in-one video and access control solution.

  • The best UK access control support available 24/7
    Always check Bristol access control reviews for information on system support to make sure you can always get the help you need. Avigilon has a dedicated team available 24/7 via phone, email, and online chat to assist you. Whether you have questions about installing Avigilon access control solutions in Bristol, or need help with your current system, our team is here. The cloud-based system lets our team remotely troubleshoot your Bristol and Bath access control solution, and dispatch a local UK installer to your building if needed. Plus, we have an extensive online library of free, helpful content with FAQs, setup guides, and informative articles to help you get the most out of your Bristol or Bath access control system. It’s our mission to create the best UK access control systems and experiences, so we are always looking for suggestions and feedback from our customers on what will make their lives better.

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Finding the right access control company in Bristol and Bath can make a big difference in building security. When selecting an access control provider, it is important to choose one with extensive knowledge of access control security system installation in Bristol and Bath. While legacy UK access control companies are a common choice, they often don’t have the flexibility and adaptability of a more modern cloud-managed access control solution. A mobile-based Bristol and Bath access control security system like Avigilon can provide more convenient, touchless entry options, with remote security management for your UK office or location. From single-office security systems in Bristol and Bath to multi-location enterprise access control systems in the United Kingdom, Avigilon’s scalable and interoperable solutions are designed to fit the unique needs of any space. Work with a local Bristol and Bath access control system installer to determine what your access control system should look like, including any video surveillance, alarm systems, or building platforms you may want to integrate with. With a network of knowledgeable access control contractors in Bristol and Bath, Avigilon’s complete access control solutions help maximize security without compromising experience.

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