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Professional access control and commercial door lock installation in Ottawa

Comparing Ottawa access control companies can be overwhelming, with so many different options, products, and companies to choose from, including those offering advanced card access control systems. That’s why we recommend working with a local commercial access control system installer in Ottawa to help you get exactly what you need. Nobody wants their access control installation to be a huge construction job. That’s why Ottawa access control installers love working with Avigilon. The Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, system uses standard wiring, making it quick and easy to install in just about any space. Even if you have an older building or are doing a retrofit, Avigilon Alta is fast and effortless to get up and running. One of the benefits of using Avigilon Alta as your access control security system in Ottawa is that the solution is backward compatible with legacy systems. This means that you don’t need to rip-and-replace all your old hardware to use the sleek, award-winning Avigilon readers in your space. When it comes to software, cloud-based systems like Avigilon Alta are preferred for most Ottawa offices. Running your access control management in the cloud offers many benefits over legacy systems. If you want the best physical security available, talk to your Ontario access control installer about these Avigilon Alta features:

  • Touchless access control and mobile credentials
    How people access their office space is an important, albeit often overlooked, part of any physical security system. In the post-pandemic world, more businesses are pivoting to access control systems with touchless capabilities in order to create safer spaces. Avigilon Alta offers a truly touchless unlocking experience. The Wave to Unlock feature lets people simply wave in front of the reader to unlock the door. There is no need to open an app to use this feature, or even have a phone active. You can also integrate Avigilon Alta with automatic door opener hardware for a fully contactless entry. When it comes to fast and reliable unlock, Avigilon’s patented Triple Unlock, rated at 99.9% reliability, races Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals to ensure that users can gain access instantly even when the internet is down or the power is out. Avigilon’s mobile access control system also supports unlock via the smartphone app, Apple Watch, and tablet apps. While mobile credentials and contactless options are increasingly popular, not all Ottawa access control companies can accommodate both mobile credentials and traditional key cards or badges. That’s why many Ontario businesses choose Avigilon Alta for their access control company. Avigilon Alta supports secure, encrypted RFID key cards and fobs alongside mobile credentials, so your tenants and employees can use whichever access method works best for them, whether it’s the key fob door entry system or the traditional key card entry. For the best hands-free access solution, we recommend that you choose Avigilon Alta-certified keyless entry door lock installers for Ottawa businesses. And to get the full benefits of Avigilon Alta, contact an Ottawa commercial security door installer and commercial security door lock installer in Ottawa that can connect your doors to the system.

  • Designed to scale effortlessly for any business
    Avigilon offers a complete line of access control hardware and software solutions so you can get exactly what you need for your space. The Avigilon hardware is designed to fit a wide range of deployments, with a Single Door Controller for smaller workplaces, 4‑door and 8‑door Smart Hubs, and elevator boards for larger enterprise applications. Some Canada access control companies only offer one access hub size, meaning you may end up spending more than your budget allows just to accommodate all your doors. Avigilon Alta is a more cost-effective solution. In addition, the Avigilon Alta system is built to scale for enterprise businesses. Even if you have a hybrid solution in one building, you can deploy a full Avigilon Alta system in another building, and manage all your locations from a single dashboard. For a complete physical security system, ask your access control installer or commercial security integrator in Ottawa about integrating Avigilon Alta with your alarm system, building management platforms, and video surveillance systems. With an access control solution that’s designed to scale with your business, your space is always secure.

  • The best cloud-based access control platform
    Using an access control system that runs in the cloud is a great way to create a smarter building. With Avigilon’s cloud-based access control solution, all updates are done instantly online, minimizing downtime and ensuring you’re running the best security software available. Cloud-based platforms also streamline and simplify management. Take advantage of Avigilon Alta’s remote access tools that allow you to unlock a door, issue and revoke credentials, change door schedules, and add new entries from anywhere in the world, at any time. Managing your entire system in the cloud gives you greater flexibility, but you’re not sacrificing security. Avigilon Alta gives you complete visibility into your space with real-time activity logs, searchable reporting, and detailed audit trails. You can even activate a system lockdown remotely from your device.

  • Easy integration with an open architecture
    To have a comprehensive access control solution for your building, it is important that your security system has the flexibility to work with other hardware, software, apps, and third-party platforms like property management tools. Avigilon Alta’s open API and mobile SDK allows for easy integration with a wide selection of tech partners that you can discover in the Avigilon Alta App Marketplace, including access control card readers and door access card reader systems. Aside from reviewing more than 40 current technology partners in the Avigilon Alta App Marketplace, users can also see new integrations with partners that are continually added, including video surveillance platforms. With more and more businesses incorporating video surveillance into their business, Avigilon’s ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform makes it easy to integrate with video security providers. If you want an all-in-one video and access control solution, Avigilon’s Video Intercom Reader Pro might be right for you. The system combines a reader, intercom, and super high-definition camera for the clearest visual verification. Plus, the innovative voice AI capabilities makes the system truly unique in the video intercom market.

  • Top-rated customer support available 24/7
    When it comes to choosing an access control company in Ottawa, make sure you’re also getting the best customer service. Avigilon’s customer support team is available 24/7 for all your access control questions, concerns, or feedback. Speed and efficiency are our top priority; we want to solve your issues quickly and make sure you’re completely happy with your access control system. Avigilon technicians can check the status of your system online, and troubleshoot common issues via the cloud, so you don’t have to wait for somebody to come on-site. Plus, we have an extensive library of helpful guides, FAQs, and support articles available on our site for everyone to use. We take feedback seriously, and love to create new solutions to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs.

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Scalable key card and key fob access systems for Ottawa buildings

Access control is a key element of physical security for any workplace or building. While there are many access control security companies in Ottawa, not all will have the right products to fit your unique space, and it is crucial to choose an installer who understands access control security system installation in Ottawa. To get the most out of your access control system, work with a local Ottawa access control system installer. With a network of experienced integrators, Avigilon is an Ottawa access control company leading in the physical security market. Our access control contractors in Ottawa are trained and certified in the latest security technology, and Opepath’s easy-install hardware is quick to deploy in your space. With unique features like touchless access control and mobile credentials access, Avigilon offers businesses the best access control systems in Ottawa. Whether you’re looking for access control for a small office, or have locations that need enterprise-grade access control in Ontario and throughout Canada, Avigilon installers will recommend the best products for you.

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