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Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, is a leading mobile and cloud-based access control system company headquartered in Los Angeles. Avigilon Alta, a top Los Angeles access control security company, offers advanced access control readers as part of its flexible and customizable system. We provide our clients best in class support and work only with exemplary trained and certified access control installers and integrators. These certified access control installers are well established local solution providers of physical security systems in Los Angeles and across Southern California for office, retail, education, places of worship, industrial, and multi-family buildings and campuses. Avigilon technology offers unique and customizable access control capabilities which give you choices when it comes to supporting a variety of credential types and access entry methods. Here are some of the benefits of working with Avigilon Alta:

  • Frictionless access using your mobile phone
    Customer demand for mobile credentials is growing at exponential rates, thanks in part to their convenience, but also for their increased security over typical badges and key cards. Investing in a future-proofed system that supports touchless mobile credentials and is supported on a cloud-based platform is so important when deciding to invest in a physical security system. Avigilon has patented a Triple Unlock technology method to ensure the fastest, most reliable mobile entry option available by leveraging three signals to unlock a door (Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular). Los Angeles commercial access control installers also love the Wave to Unlock feature, which allows users to simply wave their phone or hand to access an entry. This is the best of frictionless access and Avigilon Alta is the market innovator in this technology.

  • Supports keycards and fobs
    All Avigilon Alta enabled doors and entries, including elevator, parking garages, and turnstiles, support the use of keyless door entry methods such as key cards and fobs as a credential for unlocking entries (as well as mobile). Besides supporting key cards and mobile access, Avigilon Alta also offers key fob door entry systems that are compatible with various methods of entry. Avigilon Alta supported encrypted cards and fobs give you a far more secure choice that cannot be easily copied or duplicated. When looking at costs for access control and security system installation in Los Angeles, this flexibility means you don’t need to purchase new cards, and all your credentials work on the same reader.

  • No software or servers to install or manage
    With Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based software, managing your card entry system remotely becomes effortless, enhancing the security infrastructure of your Los Angeles property. You can see real-time reporting and events from anywhere at any time in the intuitive dashboard, and tasks like unlocking the door, locking down the premises, and monitoring video at the door can all be done on your smartphone. When integrated with a door intercom system, you’ll also be able to manage visitors at your entry point in real-time. Plus, all updates are done automatically, and it’s easy and intuitive to use so there’s no long training process. Additionally, you can integrate it with your HR and IT software to synchronize users at the click of a button, reducing the day-to-day administrative burden completely. And because the software stays updated in real time so you instantly get the latest and greatest features we have to offer without having to buy new software or schedule updates at each of your locations.

  • Open integration standards
    One of the reasons Avigilon Alta is a top access control system company in Los Angeles is that the platform is built on an open API and mobile SDK. What this means for you is that your access control system installer can easily integrate Avigilon Alta with all the other software, hardware, apps, and tools you need to run your business. Discover new apps in the Avigilon Alta App Marketplace, with more than 40 leading tech companies, and configure them in just a few clicks. Plus, the Avigilon Alta Video Reader Pro and Video Intercom Reader Pro are both ONVIF compliant, so you can connect to your existing video management system. Check out our most popular integrations with companies like Ava, Okta, Splunk, G‑Suite, Azure, and more.

  • Customer support 24/7
    Avigilon Alta differs from other access control vendors because we offer our customers web, email, and phone support directly to help with any training and technical questions. Our local installation partners are always responsive and available to meet you onsite and assist with any of your security needs as well. We love talking to our customers and value their feedback and questions. The only way we can keep making our product better is from direct customer feedback so we take customer support seriously and have teams waiting at the ready to help you.

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In order to make sure you get the best access control infrastructure in the greater LA county area, you must also find the best commercial security door installers or access control system contractors in Southern California. As a leader in the access control industry, Avigilon has teamed up with a network of extremely proficient and capable Los Angeles commercial access control system installers who service and support the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area. Whether you are moving or scaling into a brand new building, retrofitting an old one, or just want to upgrade the access control system you already have to include mobile and cloud, we are on standby to help you figure out the best solution for your needs.

Our next generation mobile access control technology is modern, user friendly, easily deployed, and can be installed as a standalone access system or as an upgrade to a legacy system already on premise. In addition, our LA-based access control security system installation partners have been deploying and integrating access control solutions in Southern California for years, and are experts in understanding how to make sure you are getting the right physical security system for your building without breaking your budget. Furthermore, our certified commercial security door lock installers in Los Angeles offer more than just access control. Reach out today to get help with all your security needs ranging from keyless entry door locks, video security, biometric access, burglar alarm systems and more.

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