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Leading access control installer and commercial door lock installer in Newcastle

Business owners in the Newcastle area of New South Wales understand the importance of physical security. Data collected over the last two years suggests a 17% increase in local property crimes, so many employers may want to strengthen their existing security infrastructures alongside certified access control providers.

As an industry-leading physical security provider in Australia, Avigilon’s network of professional door access installation teams can mitigate threats to your property, supported by end-to-end security solutions. Innovative Avigilon technologies can be installed and maintained by certified access control vendors, benefitting from local and industry expertise.

Our access control contractors in Newcastle develop custom solutions. Whether you need an upgrade or a full security system replacement, certified professionals will work with your team to deploy unique solutions for businesses of any size.

You may be looking for expert physical security advice, guidance regarding access control system cost factors, or help developing integrated security solutions. Avigilon connects businesses with experienced installers to help your teams prioritise physical security measures.

Below are just a few reasons why so many local employers choose Avigilon’s leading access control installation service in Newcastle:

  • Smart technologies – Avigilon’s advanced security solutions utilise smart technologies and innovative software to produce secure and user-friendly installations. A local installer can walk you through our industry-leading AI video intercoms, touchless access control readers and smart CCTV systems.

  • Contactless convenience – Our network of commercial door hardware installers can show your team the benefits of touchless technology. These installers can deploy intuitive contactless readers, enabling easy-to-use smartphone and gesture-based controls.

  • Multi-credential security – Our local partners can apply different levels of security to key locations, guiding your team through the benefits of multi-credential systems. Key card and key fob access control installers can deploy cost-effective card-based readers in low-risk areas, with advanced biometric protections applied to high-security locations.

  • Intelligent integrations – Combining key security tools into one easily navigated system simplifies security management. Our partners will help install your integrated CCTV, building management, and intrusion detection systems into your access control solutions. Avigilon’s open architecture systems allow for integrations with recommended third-party devices.

  • Flexible management – Our contractors can set up cloud-based systems, removing the need for expensive physical servers, and show how to monitor and adjust devices remotely via cloud management portals with real-time alerts and automatic software updates.

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The best keyless, fob and card access system installation for your Newcastle-based business 

Employers must prioritize teams with in-depth local knowledge when searching for leading access control installation companies. Avigilon works closely with a city-wide network of commercial security associates, ensuring every installation is optimised to defend against common local threats.

Whether you need a card entry system installer for a small business, an office building access control system installer, or a certified team of security professionals to aid you with a replacement, we’ll connect you with local experts.

Every Avigilon partner provides comprehensive support, from advice regarding the cost to ongoing maintenance and after-care. Here’s why Avigilon access control services remain unmatched:

  • Certified professionals – From our access control installers for small businesses to full-site security integrators, we only work with fully certified experts.

  • Custom solutions – Your access control security system installer will review your site to identify security gaps and suggest actionable solutions to protect your business.

  • Commercial expertise – Our experts know that commercial enterprises face unique challenges. Your Avigilon expert will develop future-proof solutions with minimal disruption to daily operations.

  • Comprehensive support – From access control repair to installations for multiple sites, every client receives 24/7 customer support.

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