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Leading access control installer and commercial door lock installer in Atlanta

Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, and our certified access control installers in Atlanta are well-established solution providers throughout the area for office, commercial buildings, retail stores, residential complexes, and campuses. We offer unique access control capabilities which give you choices when it comes to supporting a variety of credential types and access entry methods, including mobile activation and cloud-based software for entry management. Below are just a few of the opportunities from choosing to use Avigilon Alta:

  • Top-of-the-line products and technology
    An access control security company in Atlanta may recommend Avigilon Alta products as part of your access control solution. Avigilon Alta’s hardware comes with smart features to create a more efficient, secure access control system. The Video Reader Pro features top smart reader technology for a completely encrypted access experience, along with a built-in 5MP camera allowing administrators clear visualization of who is accessing the building. The Video Intercom Reader Pro takes it a step further, combining a high resolution built-in camera with an AI-powered intercom for two-way audio capabilities and smart guest or delivery assistance. The best part of these additional smart features is that they come at no additional installation cost, as they’re built into the hardware itself. An Atlanta-based door reader system installer can easily help you upgrade your security system with Avigilon Alta’s award-winning hardware.

  • Frictionless access using your mobile device
    Mobile interactive and supported access control has become a staple of any modern physical entry security system. Avigilon Alta has patented a unique Triple Unlock” technology that employs Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular signals simultaneously to ensure the mobile device works fast and seamlessly every time. Furthermore, with Avigilon Alta’s Wave to Unlock technology, there’s no need to take your phone out to enter — just approach the entry point, wave your hand, and have it quickly and effortlessly unlock. Avigilon Alta’s solutions offer the best frictionless experience in the market, and we are constantly striving to provide the best user experience possible.

  • Seamless integration with your other systems
    Your access control solution should fit in seamlessly with the other systems and technology you already have in place. Avigilon Alta’s open API architecture allows for a simple, customizable installation experience that fits in with the analytics, communication, and management tools you use. The Avigilon Alta App Marketplace features over 40 integrations with leading technology providers like Cisco Meraki, Okta, and Schlage to help you create a comprehensive security solution. Through this open platform, an access control security system installation in Atlanta can be completely streamlined.

  • Key cards and fobs support
    In addition to mobile activation, all entry points enabled with Avigilon Alta technology also support the use of fobs, key cards, badges, and similar forms of card entry systems. This means that all your existing cards and fobs, as well as ones you make in the future, will work on your new Avigilon Alta Atlanta access control security system. Commercial security door lock installers in Atlanta can strategically integrate Avigilon Alta smart readers at one, several, or all entry points on your property. Avigilon Alta also supports encrypted cards and access fobs, which provides you an increased security choice for credentials as they cannot be easily copied or duplicated. A keyless entry door lock installer for your Atlanta business can assist you in reviewing the Avigilon Alta keyless entry options available.

  • No software to install, no servers to manage
    With Avigilon Alta, our software is cloud-based, which means you and your team can manage your building’s access control system in Atlanta from anywhere on any browser in the world — even from your phone or tablet. You do not need to install software on computers, just simply log in to the platform to control entry points and see real-time reports from anywhere in the world. The software is easy to use, and ready to integrate with your HR and IT software, so that you can effortlessly synchronize users. An access control system company in Atlanta can assist your organization in installing Avigilon Alta scalable, cloud-based software.

  • Customer support that delights
    A key differentiator of Avigilon Alta is that we offer our end customers web, email, and phone support directly to help with training and technical questions. Our local Atlanta access control installation partners are also responsive far past implementation. We love talking to our customers and value their feedback and questions. The only way we can keep making our product better is from direct customer feedback so we take customer support seriously and have teams waiting at the ready to help you.

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Scalable key card and key fob access systems for Atlanta buildings

You need to partner with the best access control installers and technology vendors in Atlanta to ensure you implement the right physical security for your building. Avigilon Alta’s access control technology is considered best in class for the industry. It is innovative, mobile device enabled, and easy to install into a new setup or upgrade to a legacy system. In addition to being a market leader in technology, Avigilon Alta partners with highly skilled access control system integrators in Atlanta who service and support customers throughout the central Georgia area. Our certified access control system installers in Atlanta have seen every situation possible and understand how to help you plan and implement the right system for your building, budget, and maximum safety.

Avigilon Alta and our partners are ready to help you whether you are just starting to plan your security project, moving into a new location, need a brand new physical access control system in Atlanta, or if you need to expand upon an existing one. Many commercial access control system installers in Atlanta can also help beyond just access control needs, helping with security needs ranging from advanced biometric access, burglar alarm, and video surveillance installation. Let us know how we can help and we will put you in touch with the right partner for your needs.

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