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With an industry-leading 94% mobile adoption rate, Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, is the top-recommended access control company in Lincoln. Avigilon Alta’s smartphone credentials and powerful cloud-based access control software are an excellent choice for access control security systems in Nebraska, with solutions for small offices and retail shops, and features tailored for multi-site enterprise organizations with locations throughout the US. Avigilon offers flexible, scalable access control systems for Lincoln businesses that want convenience without sacrificing security.

  • Touchless mobile credentials with support for key cards and fobs
    As businesses in Nebraska continue to adapt to new technology, touchless access control is increasing in popularity. Avigilon Alta’s system not only supports mobile credentials but also integrates door card readers for a comprehensive security solution. With Avigilon Alta, users just need their smartphone to use the touchless Wave to Unlock feature. Simply walk up to an Avigilon Smart Reader, and wave your hand or phone to unlock the door. Avigilon Alta also uses the highest-rated encryption for all communication for end-to-end protection at every level. Your organization can choose what entry option is best for your company and employees, whether it be key fobs, key cards, or keyless door entry credentials — Avigilon’s readers are compatible with various methods of entry and a keyless entry door lock installer for Lincoln businesses can get you set up with the right technology.

  • Remote management with enterprise scalability
    One of the benefits of installing a cloud-based access control system in Lincoln workspaces is the remote access. For larger enterprises in Lincoln, Avigilon Alta offers a key card access control system that can be customized for the specific needs of multiple locations. With Avigilon Alta’s cloud platform, you can manage the entire system anywhere in the world. Remote unlock allows admins to open the door with a click of a button, plus Avigilon Alta makes it easy to adjust schedules, issue and revoke credentials instantly, and add new entries across the entire enterprise on a single interface. Remote access centralizes security management for your Lincoln office and all other locations, reducing overhead and increasing ROI.

  • Award-winning hardware for efficient and secure entries
    Any reputable access control security company in Nebraska will tell you that your access control hardware is just as important as your software. This is why local Lancaster County commercial security integrators recommend Avigilon hardware products. With an impressive line of smart readers, Avigilon Alta offers scalable, easy-to-install entry solutions that are straightforward to connect with software. Avigilon’s smart readers, part of the key fob door entry systems, utilize patented Triple Unlock technology for secure entry experiences in Lincoln businesses. Avigilon Alta’s Pro Series readers include the Video Reader Pro, which leverages a high-resolution camera for easy delivery and visitor communication or video monitoring for access events, along with the Video Intercom Reader Pro, which utilizes the same 5MP camera with an AI-powered intercom that allows for time-saving smart call routing in your organization. When considering an access control security system installation in Lincoln, Nebraska, ask your installer about Avigilon’s award-winning hardware.

  • Easy integration with leading technology providers
    Your new access control solution should fit seamlessly with your organization’s new or existing systems. Thanks to Avigilon Alta’s open API architecture, enterprises can seamlessly integrate with platforms like identity management, property analytics, and business security cameras, allowing businesses to take their security to the next level. Video management platforms, for example, can give you a view of real-time footage of entry activity and allow access to building management tools to automate HVAC, lighting, and safety systems. With Avigilon Alta, you can browse from over 40 apps in the App Marketplace and easily integrate with solutions like Cisco Meraki, Ava, Dragonfruit, Schlage, and much more, for a smarter security framework. By having a Lincoln access control system company interconnect your many security systems, your business can accomplish more with less investment.

  • Support teams are available 24/7
    When comparing access control companies in Lincoln, Nebraska, always look for good customer service reviews. Avigilon offers convenient 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and online chat. Find answers to common FAQs, get help with setup, and learn how to configure integrations with the extensive online library of help articles and free guides. Our dedicated support team can also monitor and troubleshoot your access control system over the cloud, and dispatch a certified commercial security door lock installer in Nebraska to your location if needed. The cloud-based system also ensures you’re running the most up-to-date software, with all upgrades done over the cloud as soon as they are released. We take all customer feedback seriously and work tirelessly to innovate new ways to improve safety and security in the built world.

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Commercial security systems in Lincoln, Nebraska are essential to providing a safe workplace environment. Lincoln’s best office security solutions feature a top-rated access control system that can easily connect to other safety and security platforms, such as video surveillance and alarm systems. Nebraska access control installers can help deploy advanced physical security for your Lincoln office building. When comparing access control companies in Lincoln, look for providers like Avigilon that lead with mobile access control systems, and work with local Lancaster County installers. With Avigilon’s cloud-based access control system, Lincoln businesses can manage their buildings remotely and get the best physical security for all their locations in Nebraska, from Downtown Lincoln to Omaha.

Nebraska commercial access control system installers love that Avigilon Alta is backward compatible with legacy systems, making it easy to install even in retrofitted buildings. Avigilon Alta uses plug-and-play wiring for fast installation, with minimal interruption to your business. In addition, all Avigilon installers have extensive experience deploying access control, video surveillance, and integrated alarm systems in Lincoln office buildings and commercial properties. Work with a local access control system installer in Lincoln to determine which solutions are the best fit for your space.

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