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Leading access control installer and commercial door lock installer in Adelaide

For business owners to ensure the safety of their employees and valuable assets, reliable access control systems must be in place. If your systems are outdated and you’re wondering, where can I find reliable security companies near me?” — our team can help. 

Avigilon’s industry-leading security technologies, specializing in access control, can be conveniently tailored to your needs by our local Adelaide-based integrators, contractors and certified commercial door hardware installer teams in the city. Our access control vendors will guide you through cost factors and components, ensuring your business is protected from threats behind end-to-end security solutions. 

With criminal offences like shoplifting and theft increasing by almost 10% in recent years, updating your security systems could be a pressing need. Our network of experts in Australia can create bespoke and scalable installations, making full use of our advanced security technologies.

By choosing to work with an access control installer in Adelaide, businesses benefit from professional expertise and hands-on knowledge of local security requirements. Our certified door access installation teams provide detailed cost-per-door information, ensuring installations are cost-effective, and will assess your unique security needs to recommend the right devices for your business. Avigilon systems are:

  • Easily managed  Avigilon Alta access systems utilise cloud-based management software to help teams monitor security threats 24/7. Installation teams will instruct you how to remotely manage your devices and help create cloud-hosted systems that don’t require physical servers.

  • Scalable  Your local installer for door access card readers will use our open API architecture hardware to develop scalable and easily integrated installations. Card access reader installer teams can combine access systems with security cameras, motion sensors and building management systems to create adaptive solutions. Systems can be automated with support from AI software, and access systems can be updated and expanded as your business grows.

  • Convenient  Avigilon access control systems utilise multiple credential types to suit all security needs. Your key fob door systems installer can create easy-to-use fob systems for office spaces and provide options for mobile, biometric and multi-factor credentials in high-risk areas.

  • Secure  Whether you’ve chosen an Avigilon key card system installer partner for small business or a more advanced credential type, all Avigilon systems utilise end-to-end encryption to ensure sensitive data is protected from cyber threats. Your security door installer will show you how to program automated software updates to defend against novel cyber-attacks, and best practices to keep your devices secure.

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The best keyless, fob and card access system installation for your Adelaide-based business

When comparing access control installation companies in Adelaide, business owners must find professionals who offer ongoing support. Avigilon’s partners ensures your team receives undivided attention 24/7 before, during and after installation. Whether you require an upgrade, repair, or intend to set up a new security system, our local experts will support you with:

  • Expert advice Your access control security system installer will explain factors impacting cost, outline the benefits of different hardware and software components and teach you how to maintain systems to extend their life.

  • Maintenance Avigilon systems receive automatic online updates, and our customer support team is available 24/7.

  • Bespoke service  Whether you need an access control installer for small business or a key card system installer for office spaces or a large-scale system for multiple sites, we’ll connect you with professionals who understand your industry.

If you need an access control system installer in Adelaide to strengthen your security posture, contact Avigilon today.

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