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Leading access control installer and commercial door lock installer in Washington D.C.

Avigilon and our certified Washington D.C. access control system installers are well established solution providers of physical security systems across the Washington D.C. area for office, shops, commercial, residential buildings, and campuses. As a leading Washington D.C. access control system company, we offer unique features and compatibilities that give you choices when it comes to supporting a variety of credential types and access entry methods. Below are some of the key benefits of working with Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath:

  • Frictionless mobile access with touchless entry
    Mobile access control compatibility has become a must have for any door and physical security system in the D.C. area, and is the most recommended option by access control contractors in Washington D.C. Avigilon has patented Triple Unlock technology for industry-leading reliability using your phone to unlock a door or access point. When a keyless entry door lock system installer for Washington D.C. businesses adds Avigilon Alta’s mobile access control technology, simply wave your hand or phone by the reader to unlock the door. Your Washington D.C. commercial security integrator and door lock installer can also set up Avigilon readers to support existing key card and fob credentials, in addition to Apple Watch, tablet apps, and digital Guest Pass links.

  • Visual verification at the door
    One thing that sets Avigilon Alta apart as a Washington D.C. access control security company is the ability to see what’s happening at the door, from anywhere. The Video Reader Pro includes a built-in camera, with live high-definition video available in the Control Center or on a mobile device. Need to add visitor management to your access control security system installation in Washington D.C.? The Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro is an all-in-one entry device with a doorbell, voice-activated intercom, real-time video, and touchless access, making it ideal for key fob door entry systems in commercial buildings.

  • Cloud technology makes management simple
    Most access control system companies in the Washington D.C. area are still selling old systems from the 1990s running expensive software on cumbersome servers, but modern door card readers offer a more efficient and secure solution. With Avigilon Alta, our software is cloud-based, which means you can manage your access control system in D.C., Virgina, or Maryland from anywhere in the world on any browser. You can see real-time usage information and reports from anywhere as well. The cloud-based application is specifically designed to quickly integrate with over 40+ apps and providers, including HR and IT software, video surveillance, building management, and visitor platforms, so that you streamline the day-to-day administration. Best of all the software stays updated in real time, so you have access to all the latest and greatest features we have to offer without having to buy new software or schedule updates at each of your locations.

  • Scalable, easy-to-install access control
    When planning an access control security system installation in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, it’s important to anticipate the changing needs of your business. Avigilon is a good choice for access control security companies in Washington D.C. because the system is more flexible and modular. With a complete line of hardware that installs effortlessly, Washington D.C. access control system installers can deploy an entirely new system, or build on an existing one. Avigilon Alta is designed to work with a wide range of entries, including card access readers, turnstiles, elevators, and parking gates to support all industries. Adding new sites, users, and locations is simple for access control system installers in Washington D.C., as many of the settings can be configured in a convenient app or remotely via the cloud-based dashboard.

  • Customer support that delights
    Avigilon is different from other access control system companies in Washington D.C. as we offer our end customers web, email, and phone support directly to help with training and technical questions. Our local Washington D.C. access control security system installation partners are also responsive and available to meet you onsite and assist with any of your security needs. We love talking to our customers and value their feedback and questions. The only way we can keep making our product better is from direct customer feedback so we take customer support seriously and have teams waiting at the ready to help you.

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Scalable key card and key fob access systems for Washington D.C. buildings

Establishing the best access control infrastructure for your location means partnering with the best installers and access control system companies that the D.C., VA, and MD area has to offer. Avigilon Alta’s access control systems and products are recognized as best in class, and are streamlined for any new installation or upgrade to a legacy infrastructure.

Avigilon is a leading access control security company with a network of highly capable system integrators who service and support customers throughout the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area. Most importantly, our access control contractors and partners have been installing access control systems in the D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas for years, and understand how to specify the right system for your project and budget. Whether you are planning a physical security system in a new location, need access control for a series of buildings, or would like to modernize or expand upon an existing system, we can help you quickly connect you with the best Washington D.C. access control system installers and integrators available near you.

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