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Trusted Perth door access control and commercial door lock installation

When it comes to physical security, local knowledge is important, but how can you find an access control installer in Perth that’s the right fit for your business? Avigilon is a globally recognised physical security company committed to protecting commercial properties from multi-faceted threats. Avigilon’s certified access control integrators, vendors, and door access installation teams combine extensive local knowledge and industry expertise to help employers create adaptive security solutions.

With property crime rates in Western Australia notably higher than the national average, you may be looking for installers near you. Avigilon’s access control installation service and certified contractors can assist your business by strengthening existing systems with scalable end-to-end security solutions. 

Your local access control system installer in Perth can guide your team through the core components of effective business security systems. Benefiting from a wide range of advanced solutions including multiple credential types, cloud-based management systems and integrations with wider security devices. Your electronic access control security system installer will explain cost factors to ensure installations are affordable, with cost per door information provided as standard.

Whether you need an upgrade, guidance regarding effective security integrations, repair, or help from a professional commercial door lock installer, Avigilon’s experts will always be happy to offer assistance.

By working with an Avigilon commercial access control security system installation partner, businesses can benefit from bespoke software and hardware solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Contactless access From our door card readers installation teams to full-scale security integrators, Avigilon experts can recommend convenient and secure contactless access systems to suit your needs. Our systems utilise end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive data, with door access control system installer teams able to guide you through the benefits of advanced credential types including biometric, mobile credential and multi-factor authentication systems.

  • Integrated systems  Avigilon access systems can be easily combined with existing CCTV, threat detection and cybersecurity tools. Your local access control contractors or key card installers for offices can link cameras to door card readers, sensors and wider security devices to enable automated threat responses.

  • Future-proof technologies  Commercial door hardware installer teams in Perth can future-proof your systems with AI and Internet of Things solutions. Avigilon security cameras utilise AI video analytics and remote access controls to ensure teams can detect and address threats at all hours. Your installer can help you set up and manage these systems with ease.

  • Cloud-based management  Avigilon Alta systems utilise cloud management tools for simple maintenance. Your commercial security door installer will teach your team how to access systems, view data and schedule updates remotely, with no need for expensive and cumbersome on-site servers.

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Find the right access control and commercial door lock installation for your Perth business

Whether you need an installer for a small business in Perth, a local key card entry system installer or an entire replacement, it’s essential to find a company that understands your needs. The best access control installation companies will help you develop bespoke solutions using the following best practices:

  • Transparent pricing Avigilon’s network of commercial property and office building access control installers understand how to find a balance between affordability and security. Our experts outline the cost of these systems and essential components upfront, helping you find solutions to suit your needs and your budget.

  • 24/7 support  Our customer support lines are open 24/7 for every client. Whether you’ve hired a key card system installer for your small business or a security integrator for a multi-site system, we’re available at all times.

  • Scalable solutions  Needs change as businesses grow. Your Avigilon access control and key fob door systems installer will help you design a system that can scale over time, allowing for easy upgrades rather than yearly replacements.

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