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Leading access control installer and commercial door lock installer in Canberra

Business owners in Canberra understand the importance of protecting people and assets with smart access control systems installed and supported by professional vendors. Although Australia’s capital crime rate declined slightly in early 2023, almost 25,000 offences were reported in a nine-month period, illustrating the need for smart physical security systems.

Avigilon offers pioneering end-to-end security solutions tailored to fortify your assets with adaptable and user-friendly access control systems. Whether your business requires system enhancement or replacement, our network of certified professionals stands ready to deliver custom-made solutions.

To protect your business, Avigilon offers innovative end-to-end security solutions designed to secure assets behind adaptive and easy-to-use access control systems. Whether you need a replacement, or an upgrade, our certified partners will create bespoke solutions.

Our network of access control installers for small businesses and enterprise-level integrators provide a high-quality service for businesses of all sizes.

Local partners of Avigilon in Canberra will review your existing security systems and suggest future-proof upgrades to improve safety and user convenience. Our integrators will outline cost factors to ensure your installation remains within budget. Additionally, our experts will teach your staff how to optimise existing solutions.

Whether you need a key card system installer specifically for an office setting or a specialist who has industry-specific experience, Avigilon’s professionals can craft custom solutions. Benefits include:

  • Future-proof solutions – Our Canberra experts in key fob building entry systems work with the latest smart technologies. Touchless access systems, AI-informed video intercoms, and smart CCTV cameras capable of automated threat detection are just some of the tools at your disposal to help create integrated security systems.

  • Mobile-first convenience – Prioritise user convenience without compromising security with mobile credential systems. Our network of professional access control security system installers will take you through the benefits of digital credentials and gesture controls.

  • Flexible credentials – An Avigilon partner can develop multi-credential frameworks suitable for complex environments. Key card installers can secure low-risk areas with card-based readers, while your local access control system installer can use multiple credential types to protect high-risk locations. 

  • Smart integrations – Combining key systems in one platform can optimise building management. Our access control integrators utilise the latest Avigilon Alta systems featuring open API architecture, enabling straightforward integrations with new and existing CCTV, alarm, and building management solutions.

  • Cloud-based management – Our local contractors can set up a cloud management system, enabling you to monitor live feeds remotely. Eliminate the need for physical servers and manual maintenance, with software updates scheduled automatically.

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Scalable keyless, key fob and key card system installation for Canberra buildings

As respected names in Canberra, we have professional relationships with specialists in access control systems and door card readers in this area. Factors that may impact the cost of these systems are meticulously communicated, ensuring transparency in all dealings.

As one of the leading access control companies, we work with a network of specialists and security door professionals to deliver top-quality service in Canberra. 

Our teams provide comprehensive access control installation services, including consultations, assessments and demonstrations to ensure you understand factors that may impact the cost and how to prioritise security within any budget.

Transparent pricing ensures you receive detailed cost-per-door estimates prior to installation, with 24/7 customer support offered before, during and after work completion. 

If you need an installer for a small business, or a multiple site operation, Avigilon’s Canberra integrators can help in the following ways:

  • Specialist expertise – Each Avigilon commercial access control and door hardware installation teams receive frequent training regarding the latest smart technologies.

  • Experience and local knowledge – Avigilon contractors have in-depth experience working with businesses, ensuring your assets are protected from local threats.

  • Business-first service – Our teams understand the challenges faced by businesses. Whether you need a small business key card entry system installer or a key fob installer specific to your trade, we’ll connect you with a security expert with relevant experience.

  • Comprehensive support – Alongside installation services, our teams offer access control repair, maintenance and replacement services with 24/7 customer support.

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