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Access control security systems in Leeds come in many different forms. When choosing the best system for your space, it’s important to know which features and capabilities you need and find installers who understand access control security system installation in Leeds. Avigilon works with a network of access control installers in West Yorkshire that are experts in the security needs for Leeds businesses. Our professional installers in Bradford have access to all the latest Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, features and receive thorough training to provide you with the best install experience. Leeds access control installers have extensive experience with deploying systems across a range of industries and buildings, from single-door deployments in Leeds offices to entire complexes and enterprise facilities throughout Yorkshire. Avigilon access control technicians can also recommend additional security systems and access control card readers integrations for your building. Talk to your access control installer about security cameras and video surveillance platforms, alarm systems, emergency preparedness, and building management tools to see which integrations are right for your business. If you currently have a legacy access control in Leeds but want to upgrade to a more modern system, look for backward compatible solutions like Avigilon Alta, that use standard wiring for effortless installation, even in retrofitted buildings. Bradford, UK keyless entry door lock solution installer for Leeds businesses can easily connect Avigilon Alta’s touchless door entry readers and cloud-based platform to legacy backend hardware. If you are building a solution from the ground up, you have more freedom with your Leeds access control system. It is important to choose a future-proof system that can accommodate the growth of your business. Access control installers in Leeds will recommend modern systems that include the best access control features, including:

  • Secure touchless access control
    One of the most important features of any Leeds access control system is how people enter and exit the building. Mobile credentials are an increasingly popular access method, especially in commercial real estate and UK private sector applications. Not all mobile credentials are created equal, however. Your Leeds access control installer will recommend mobile systems that have touchless capabilities without sacrificing security. Avigilon Alta offers hands-free, contactless mobile access control, with an industry-leading 94% mobile adoption rate. With the touchless Wave to Unlock feature, users can open doors with a quick movement of the hand or phone to a reader without opening the app or having the phone in active mode. The Avigilon Alta system maintains the highest security standards, with end-to-end encryption across the entire system. Plus, you can use two-factor authentication and the biometrics built into most smartphones (like FaceID or fingerprint scans) for additional security. If you choose to use Avigilon Alta fobs or a key card access control system, you’re still getting the highest encryption levels available on the market. Looking for the most reliable commercial access control system in Leeds? Avigilon provides a consistent unlocking experience even when the power or Internet is out. Patented Triple Unlock technology with 99.9% reliability uses cellular data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals simultaneously for a fast, reliable unlock, every time.

  • Cloud-based software with real-time reporting
    Many legacy access control companies in Leeds require businesses to maintain on-premise servers, with time-consuming and expensive software updates. A more modern option is using a cloud-based access control system like Avigilon Alta. Because all software is managed in the cloud, there’s no need to dedicate space to an on-site server, and all updates are completed online instantly — no need for a technician to visit your site with a truck and disrupt your day. Another added bonus of cloud-based access control is the ability to manage everything remotely. Administrators can issue and revoke credentials instantly, without meeting in-person to hand over a badge. Unlock the door for maintenance staff or an after-hours employee from anywhere in the world. You can even add or remove doors on your network from your living room. In terms of scaling, Avigilon Alta is designed to infinitely scale with the growth of a business. With a few clicks on the dashboard, new users can be conveniently added to a network. Avigilon Alta’s robust cloud-based platform also features real-time reporting to keep your facility secure. See entry activity as it happens, receive notifications and alerts for potential security breaches, and export customized, detailed reports for site and system audits, all from one easy-to-use interface.

  • Native occupancy tracking and safety features
    To enhance the safety and security of your Leeds building, look for solutions that offer additional features, such as occupancy tracking and video surveillance. In the post-pandemic workplace, occupancy management solutions can help business owners adhere to social distancing guidelines. Avigilon Alta has native occupancy tracking features built into the system, making it easy to set capacity thresholds and enforce social distancing in your UK building. Once a zone reaches capacity, the Avigilon Alta readers automatically deny additional entries until someone leaves. Because Avigilon Alta uses open API architecture, you can seamlessly integrate with other hardware, software, and tools like wellness and safety platforms to streamline health questionnaires, temperature screenings, and digital check-in processes. The system’s ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform also makes it easy to integrate with third-party video security providers. Avigilon Alta currently offers out-of-the-box integrations with Cisco Meraki, Milestone, Camio, Rhombus Systems, and more, discoverable through the Avigilon Alta App Marketplace. Users can also find new integrations and a growing list of over 40 technology partners that Avigilon Alta can integrate with in the App Marketplace.

  • Video surveillance for enhanced security
    Leeds businesses are adding video surveillance to their operations to strengthen security with visual verification. Video surveillance allows users to see exactly who enters and exits a building and provides real-time video footage with every access event. Avigilon Alta offers a range of video products with a built-in super high-definition camera and wide viewing angle for the clearest visual verification. With Avigilon Alta’s Video Intercom Reader Pro, access control and video are unified. The device features a camera, doorbell, multi-technology reader, and intelligent door intercom with voice AI capabilities, making the system a complete access control solution.

  • 24/7 support from access control experts
    At Avigilon, we take security seriously. That means providing you with the best access control products on the market, as well as the best customer service. Avigilon support teams are available to assist you with your Leeds access control system 24/7. Whether you need to find a reputable Avigilon access control installer or commercial security integrator in Yorkshire, or have questions about your existing Avigilon Alta system, we are here to help you 365 days a year. Because Avigilon Alta runs in the cloud, our technicians can check your system status remotely, and troubleshoot most issues without having to visit your space. Should in-person maintenance be required, we’ll send out a trusted Bradford access control partner to service your building and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Our mission at Avigilon is to enhance security for every industry. We strive to innovate the best access control products and to solve the unique security challenges our customers are facing.

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The best key card and key fob access solution for your Leeds-based business

When comparing the best access control companies in Leeds, it’s important to look for providers that work with local installers and integrators. An access control system installer in Leeds will have the best knowledge of your specific needs, and point you towards the right access control security company in Leeds. Among the top access control companies in the UK, Avigilon is recommended by Leeds access control installers for its easy-to-install hardware and flexible cloud-based software solutions. Touchless access is quickly becoming a necessity in Leeds workplaces, and Avigilon installers are certified and trained in deploying contactless door proximity readers across a range of industries. Avigilon commercial access control system installers in Leeds have years of experience installing security systems in private-sector office buildings in Bradford and Leeds City Centre, and physical security systems for manufacturing facilities throughout West Yorkshire. If you want to use additional physical security systems in your office building, Avigilon access control partners in Bradford can recommend video surveillance, tenant platforms, directory tools, and more technology integrations that work seamlessly with the Avigilon Alta platform. To ensure that your doors are properly connected to the Avigilon Alta system, we recommend that you work with Avigilon-certified Leeds commercial security door installers and key fob entry system installers in Leeds. Schedule a site walk with a Leeds access control contractor today to identify which physical security companies in the UK will best suit your needs and get a quote for access control solutions.

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