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Expert commercial access control, key card and key fob installer in Dubai

Dubai is an attractive location for businesses from around the world. It offers a strategic location in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a favourable business climate and a wide spread of established and emerging industries. 

The city also boasts a very low crime rate, which stems from the police’s use of technology and artificial intelligence to predict and respond to incidents. However, the risks to businesses remain, with opportunities for intruders to steal valuable intellectual property or cause damage to buildings. 

Avigilon can help safeguard Dubai businesses with advanced access control solutions that feature the latest smart technology to maximise both security and convenience.

To provide businesses in Dubai and throughout the UAE with expert security advice and support for their solutions, Avigilon works with a local network of certified access control installers and access control integrators. 

Access control contractors in Dubai provide the highest standards of service, whether your business needs a new installation, an access control upgrade or replacement or just an access control repair. Avigilon’s network of professional commercial access control system installers can help assess your security requirements and provide detailed access control system costs. 

By working with our access control vendors, you will have access to the latest innovations in access control from Avigilon. Access control security system installers in Dubai can demonstrate how Avigilon Alta’s advanced technologies, smart systems and contactless entry solutions will help protect your business premises, people and assets. 

  • Technology that’s ahead of the curve – Avigilon Alta access control systems incorporate advanced technology and a wide range of smart features that balance strong security with convenience for authorised users. Electronic access control device installers in Dubai can deploy innovative solutions like door card reader systems that feature an AI-powered intercom with a high-resolution built-in camera 

  • Frictionless, mobile-first access – User convenience is a priority. Avigilon’s network of commercial access control installers can provide frictionless solutions. For example, Avigilon Alta Wave to Unlock technology allows employees and visitors to use mobile devices to present credentials or simply wave their hands. Door access control system installers can also provide key card or key fob access systems for low-risk areas or a combination of credentials to maximise security in high-risk zones

  • Simple integration – Avigilon Alta access control systems incorporate open APIs. Access control integrators in Dubai can easily integrate access control systems with other security components or building management systems to create seamless property management solutions that can be managed centrally

  • Cloud monitoring and management – Access control system installers in Dubai provide solutions that are easy to manage. They feature cloud-based software, which means no hardware to install or maintain. Security teams can also use the cloud’s reach to manage and monitor security remotely

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Find the right access control and commercial door lock installation for your Dubai business

We understand that businesses have different needs for access control installation services. You might need an access control upgrade, access control replacement, an essential access control repair or a major integration. 

You can find the right specialists in our network of approved access control contractors in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Whether you need commercial access control installers, access control integrators, commercial door lock installers, key card entry system or key fob installers or access control installers for small businesses, we can put you in touch with skilled professionals near you. 

Our network of access control security system installers in Dubai are fully certified. They have the skills and experience to accurately assess your security needs, develop custom solutions that optimise security and complete installation in line with Avigilon’s demanding quality standards. 

  • Certified by Avigilon – We provide comprehensive training and certification to ensure access control installers in the UAE are fully aware of our latest innovative solutions and their applications

  • Familiar with the Dubai business scene Commercial access control installers in Dubai understand the importance of business continuity in Dubai. They develop custom solutions to strengthen security while maintaining convenient access

  • Comprehensive end-to-end services – Access control companies near you can provide a wide range of specialist access control installation services from initial surveys through installation and integration to upgrades and ongoing support

Whatever your access control needs, you’ll find the best UAE-based access control installers in our network. Get in touch with Avigilon’s experts in Dubai today.

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