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Every business is unique, especially when it comes to security. Ensure your security system is designed to protect all your assets, from your employees to your data. Access control security system installation in Calgary can be simple and effortless, if you find the right companies. The right access control company in Calgary will help safeguard your space from costly breaches. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, access control installers in Alberta are trained to help you choose the most important features to maximize the security of your building or office. When installing a new access control system, choose a Calgary access control company that provides everything you need: backend hardware, card access readers, modern software, and secure credentials. With Avigilon Alta’s complete mobile access control solutions, you can customize your solution to fit your exact needs, whether you have an existing access control system or are starting from scratch. Check out the top-requested access control features for Calgary businesses:

  • Effortless installation and seamless integration
    When it comes to installation, Avigilon products are easy to install, with options to fit every building. Avigilon makes both Standard and Mullion Smart Readers to fit even narrow doorways, with versatile control boards and Smart Hubs for effortless backend installation. Avigilon is also backwards compatible with legacy systems, making the system a flexible access control option for enterprises. Your access control security company in Calgary can run a hybrid solution in one building, and install a full Avigilon deployment in another building across Western Canada, with the entire system managed on one platform, from anywhere. Alberta access control installers appreciate that Avigilon uses standard wiring, making for fast installation, even in retrofit deployments. Integration is also effortless with Avigilon. Built on an open API and mobile SDK, the open architecture makes integrations with hardware, software, apps, and third-party platforms like property management systems effortless. Plus, users can discover new integrations and new technology partners to add to over 40 existing partners. For the smoothest installation process with effortless wiring to your doors, choose a commercial security installer in Calgary who is familiar with Avigilon.

  • Flexible unlock methods and touchless access control
    Mobile credentials are the preferred access method for most employees in modern offices. They are more convenient than key cards and more secure. Commercial keyless entry door lock installers for Calgary businesses prefer Avigilon, and with a 94% mobile adoption rate among clients, Avigilon Alta offers a convenient and completely touchless access control solution. Users don’t need to open the app to use our contactless Wave to Unlock feature. Simply wave your hand or phone to the reader, and access is granted in an instant. Touchless commercial access control systems make Calgary offices safer by eliminating the need to touch a common reader or PIN pad at the door. Avigilon Alta is also compatible with automatic door opener hardware for a 100% hands-free entry experience. The mobile credentials also support unlocking via the app, Apple watch, and tablet apps. If your Calgary access control installer recommends added security, Avigilon Alta lets you use the biometrics built into smartphones, such as FaceID, fingerprint scan, and passcodes, to enable two-factor authentication. Don’t want to use your smartphone? No problem. Simply order Avigilon’s ultra-secure encrypted access fobs or key cards that work alongside the mobile credentials. Plus, the entire system is backed by patented Triple Unlock technology that races Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals to ensure your readers will still work, even when the internet is down or the power goes out. To get the most out of this technology, check commercial door lock system installers in Calgary to help you install the system.

  • Cloud software allows for flexible management
    One of the benefits of choosing a modern access control security system like Avigilon Alta is the cloud-based platform. Cloud-based access control software gets you the newest capabilities first with instant updates in the cloud, minimizing downtime and ensuring you have the latest security features. Avigilon Alta also keeps your Calgary access control system secure with all communication encrypted end-to-end. Another benefit of a cloud-based system is remote management. With the remote unlock feature, users can use the door readers from anywhere in the world from a dashboard. The system also allows for infinite scaling, as new users can easily be added to a network with just a few clicks on the dashboard.

  • Innovative video surveillance and wellness features
    For businesses looking to safeguard their Calgary offices, having the right technology tools, such as a business video surveillance system, can help. The Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro’s built-in super high-definition camera that provides the clearest visual verification with every access event. Combined with a doorbell, multi-technology reader, and intelligent intercom, users can benefit from having a complete access control solution without having to purchase separate hardware and wiring them to the system. The ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform also allows a seamless integration with video security providers. Ask your Calgary access control installer about available integrations with video surveillance systems to associate access events with real-time video footage. To create safer and healthier spaces, Avigilon Alta offers built-in occupancy-tracking features to automate and enforce social distancing in the workplace. Easily set capacity thresholds, view real-time occupancy data, and deny new entries once a space is at maximum occupancy. Access control installers in Alberta can seamlessly integrate Avigilon Alta with best-of-breed technology solutions to automate health questionnaires, enable digital check-in, require temperature checks, and create touchless entry experiences in your Canada offices.

  • Quick response time and 24/7 support
    We designed Avigilon Alta with the end user in mind, and that philosophy extends to our customer support. Our team of support experts are standing by 24/7 to answer questions, troubleshoot your system, and dispatch a Calgary access control security system technician if needed. Whether you have questions about the latest Avigilon features, want to get a Calgary access control system quote, or need help fixing a problem with your Avigilon solution, you can have confidence that our support team will respond quickly. Plus, our access control experts have a library of helpful support articles, FAQs, and how-to guides to help you get your system running the way you want. With Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based platform, our support team can check the status of your hardware and fix minor issues online for added convenience. At Avigilon, we’re serious about security, and want to make sure you’re happy with your access control system.

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Access control is an essential piece of any modern security system. Choosing the best access control system in Calgary can be a daunting task. A local access control system installer in Calgary can help you choose the right hardware, software, and features to secure your building. Avigilon works with a network of trained and certified access control installers across North America to deploy industry-leading mobile access control solutions. With a 94% mobile adoption rate, Avigilon is a top choice for Calgary access control installers. The system is quick and effortless to install, and easily scales from a single door to multi-site enterprises with locations throughout Canada and North America. When comparing Calgary commercial access control system installers, look for providers that offer future-proof solutions, including cloud-based software and open API architecture. Make sure your access control company in Calgary can accommodate all your entries, including turnstiles, parking garages, and elevators. Ask a Calgary access control contractor to do a site audit for recommendations on the best access control systems for your business.

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