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Leading access control installer and commercial door lock installer in Jerusalem

Avigilon, a global leader in end-to-end security solutions, works closely with skilled access control installers in Jerusalem to enhance the security systems of local businesses. Our local access control vendor and key fob installer partners utilize an extensive range of smart technologies to help property owners develop bespoke end-to-end solutions. 

With 50,000 m² of commercial real estate in the center of Jerusalem and a crime rate that’s risen by over 35%- in recent years, local business owners may be considering the benefits of site-wide access control upgrades or repairs. By working with an Avigilon-certified access control security system installer, businesses can develop unique smart security installations.

From mobile-based access systems to standalone wireless smart locks, all Avigilon security devices can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. By partnering with leading access control contractors in Jerusalem, Avigilon ensures local installation teams are trained in both local security outlooks and the intelligent integration of the latest smart security technologies.

Whether you need advice about access control replacements or help modernizing existing solutions, our local installation partners can help you benefit from the following technologies: 

  • Bespoke access readers — Our award-winning access control readers can be customized to suit various needs. From PIN-based keypad readers for low-risk locations to AI video intercom readers and multi-credential systems, local key card installers and access control experts will guide you through the benefits and use cases of intelligent tools.

  • Remote management systems — Avigilon Alta cloud-based access solutions can be viewed and adjusted remotely at any time, enabling admins to investigate suspicious events and immediately revoke permissions if required. Our partnered access control system installers in Jerusalem will show you how to program real-time alerts, create time-based mobile credentials and manage wider systems from secure smart devices.

  • Integrated security solutions — Local key card entry system installers can assist your staff in combining the operation of multiple core security devices. Access readers can be linked to CCTV, threat detection and environmental sensor systems to configure automated responses to common threats, with live feeds viewable around the clock.

  • Building management features — Avigilon-partnered access control installers can help your teams streamline the operation of existing building management solutions. Access readers can be linked to a wide range of environmental sensors, including occupancy, sound, pressure and temperature detection devices, to inform security responses and operational policies with support from real-time data insights.

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The best keyless, fob and card access system installation for your Jerusalem-based business

When developing new, or strengthening existing security solutions, businesses in Jerusalem must consider the benefits of local knowledge. By working with Avigilon’s network of highly qualified Israeli commercial access control installers, business owners can be assured that their security systems will be positioned to deter local threats.

Whether you need repairs, advice regarding new security integrations, such as key fob door entry systems, or information about the cost of access control systems, Avigilon can connect you with local specialists equipped to provide high-level support. From access control installers for small businesses to full-scale office building access control installation teams, Avigilon partners with a wide range of certified installation teams throughout Israel.

Our partnered commercial security door installers in Jerusalem will assess your property to identify any areas in which new solutions could be of benefit, offering ongoing support both during and after the completion of your project. Further benefits leaders can expect include:

  • Comprehensive support — Avigilon’s award-winning customer support team is on hand 24/7 to answer your questions and offer expert advice regarding your systems.

  • Customized installations — Experienced commercial door hardware installers will help you to build unique and adaptable systems designed with local threats in mind.

  • Continuous software updates — Avigilon’s proactive cloud-based access control solutions receive automatic updates to ensure your systems are protected from novel threats, with end-to-end encryption used to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

No matter the size or scope of your organization, Avigilon’s partnered access control systems installers in Jerusalem can be of assistance. If you’re ready to see how advanced security solutions may be deployed to protect your organization from modern threats, get in touch with your nearest Avigilon-certified commercial security expert today.

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