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Leading access control installer and commercial door lock installer in Boston

Why settle for the same-old legacy access control system when you could have the latest security technology in your space? Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, is leading the industry with innovative solutions for Boston access control systems. When it comes to safeguarding your space, reliability matters. That’s why Avigilon Alta features patented Triple Unlock technology and built-in failsafes to make sure your system still works, even in the event of a power outage or Internet service interruption. New England access control installers recommend Avigilon for any size deployment, with solutions designed to provide single-office access control in Cambridge or scale to secure an entire enterprise across New England. With a mobile access control system like Avigilon Alta, you’re not just getting great security — you’re also getting the most advanced access control security system in Boston, designed to future-proof your space with frictionless features.

  • Touchless access control with flexible credentials
    As the workplace becomes more flexible and technology-centric, more companies are turning to mobile access control. Mobile solutions let people use an app on their smartphone to unlock the door, rather than the typical badge or access fob. With the help of a commercial security door installer in Boston, you can utilize the convenience of mobile access control through Avigilon Alta’s future-proof technology. Avigilon Alta offers a truly touchless entry solution — the Wave to Unlock feature allows you and your employees back to work faster by eliminating communal touchpoints at key card entry points. A commercial security door installer in Boston can assist your business in creating a completely mobile experience that’s more secure for your employees and guests. And, with Avigilon Alta, you still get the best security on the market with end-to-end encryption, tamper-resistant hardware, and backup power options. Allow a Boston-based keyless entry door lock installer to take your entry solutions to the next level with Avigilon Alta’s touchless, mobile access.

  • Open architecture for seamless integration and automation
    To get the most out of your modern access control system, look for commercial access control system installers in Boston that provide a cloud-based software platform. There are many benefits to choosing an access control system that utilizes a truly open platform. With cloud-based access control and open architecture, you can utilize APIs and mobile SDKs to create a more integrated physical security system in your Boston building. Avigilon Alta comes equipped with over 40 integrations with leading technology partners to fully meet your organization’s security needs. For example, you can connect with video surveillance systems including Camio, Milestone, and Cisco Meraki, sync your user directories with G Suite, Okta, and Active Directory, and create automated building systems with visitor management, tenant platforms, and communication apps. With the help of an access control security company in Boston, Massachusetts, you can get started with a completely open, customizable system like Avigilon Alta’s.

  • Multi-functional hardware to meet your security needs
    With the help of an experienced access control system company in the Boston area, your business can leverage Avigilon’s top-of-the-line products for a smarter, more efficient security system. Avigilon offers an impressive product line-up that includes door access card readers to help you manage your property. Avigilon’s Pro Series readers feature all-in-one functionality: The Video Reader Pro uses Avigilon Alta’s multi-technology Smart Reader capabilities along with a high-resolution camera for visual verification at your entry point, and the Video Intercom Reader Pro takes it a step further with a smart intercom system for call routing, two-way audio, and automated guest assistance. If you’re looking to invest in Avigilon products that can help your business accomplish more efficiently, an access control system company in Boston can assist you in the selection and installation process.

  • Manage your access control system from anywhere
    Cloud-based solutions are also great for enterprise businesses in Boston who need access to their security system 24/7, regardless of location. With Avigilon Alta’s cloud software, you have access to your entire access control system remotely. Unlock the door for after-hours employees or maintenance, change door entry schedules on the fly, and view real-time access activity from anywhere in the world, all on a single pane of glass. Ask a local Boston commercial security door lock installer about Avigilon to centralize your enterprise security administration, streamline your building operations, and reduce your costs over time.

  • Top service with 24/7 customer support
    Avigilon is frictionless from start to finish. From installation to unlocking the door, to getting the support you need, our goal is to make it as seamless and effortless as possible. That’s why we offer 24/7 support every day of the year. Getting the assistance you need is easy. For help selecting access control systems for your Boston area buildings, our team of experts can walk you through exactly what you’ll need, give you a demo, and do a site audit to identify weak points in your current security and fix them. Because Avigilon Alta runs in the cloud, our support team can troubleshoot any issues that may come up over the cloud, without having to schedule an on-site visit. Plus, Avigilon provides you with an extensive online library of free guides, answers to FAQs, and helpful articles to help you get the most out of your Avigilon access control system.

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The best key card and key fob access solution for your Boston-based business

When comparing which access control companies in Boston are best for your space, there are a few key factors to consider. For offices, commercial properties, and enterprise businesses throughout Massachusetts, access control systems are an important element of a physical security solution. Look at Boston access control company reviews to make sure the solution you choose has the right hardware and software features to accommodate your space. Not sure what you need? Avigilon works with a network of trained and certified access control installers in Greater Boston to ensure you get everything you need from your access control system. Our Suffolk County partners are experienced in installing access control systems in New England businesses, and can quickly identify the best access control company for your space. Avigilon Alta’s leading mobile access control solution is a favorite among Boston access control integrators for its easy-to-install hardware, with standard wiring and backward compatibility with legacy systems. Work with a local Boston access control installer to make your space safer and more secure with Avigilon.

One of the reasons access control system installers in Boston recommend Avigilon to their customers is because the system is easy and fast to install. Avigilon uses standard wiring architecture, so it’s quick to connect without having to rewire your entire space. All access control security companies in Boston that partner with Avigilon receive the most up-to-date information and training, so they can offer the latest products and features to their customers first. With our trusted New England access control network, you’ll have confidence and peace of mind that you’re getting the best access control security system installation in Boston.

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