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Professional access control and commercial door lock installation in Vancouver

Avigilon works with a large network of certified access control security companies in Vancouver, with extensive experience fitting and deploying Vancouver access control security systems for a range of businesses including commercial buildings, schools and campuses, multi-site enterprises, and small offices. Avigilon only works with the best installers in Vancouver and throughout North America. As experts in the access control space, our installer partners are certified and trained to deploy Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, in operation of any size. Even if you need access control in Vancouver and for other locations, our installers provide coverage for all your properties and security needs. Avigilon’s installation partners are well-versed in access control, and can also help you set up alarm systems, video surveillance, and other security measures to safeguard your space. To ensure that Avigilon Alta integrates seamlessly with your doors and lock system, contact Avigilon-certified Vancouver commercial security installers and access control installers in Vancouver. Plus, Avigilon Alta offers unique benefits for any business searching for the best Vancouver commercial access control system installer for their space, supporting all the most popular credentials and entry methods, backed by a robust feature set and powerful safety tools:

  • Touchless Wave to Unlock access method
    Give users frictionless access to your space using their mobile phone. Achieving a 94% mobile adoption rate, Avigilon Alta’s mobile credentials offer a consistent and secure unlocking experience. The unique Wave to Unlock entry method allows users to unlock the door completely hands-free, without needing to take their phone out or open the app. To get the best out of this technology, we recommend that you work with an Avigilon-certified keyless door entry system installer for Vancouver businesses. Backed by patented Triple Unlock technology, the Avigilon Alta system leverages Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data signals simultaneously to ensure fast, reliable entry even when the Internet is down or the power is out. Avigilon Alta’s flexible credential options also support encrypted card access control system key cards and fobs, as well as unlock methods via the smartphone app, Apple Watch, and tablet app.

  • Effortless, scalable installation
    Avigilon Alta access control runs in the cloud, meaning there’s no servers to manage, and no software to update on-site for the key fob entry system for buildings. Some access control installers still sell and recommend legacy systems, which are expensive to install, expensive to maintain, and put the burden on you to keep them updated. Avigilon Alta uses standard wiring in our hardware, meaning your Vancouver access control company can install the entire system quickly and efficiently. It is backwards compatible with your old system, so you don’t have to do a full rip-and-repair. The wide range of hardware options can secure a single door or hundreds across multiple locations, with control boards for elevators. Plus, with cloud-based management, adding or removing doors from the system is completely effortless. Designed to scale up or back as needed, Avigilon Alta gives you the flexibility to change your door access card reader systems at any time to keep up with your business.

  • Managed from anywhere in the world
    Designed with flexibility and convenience in mind, Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based system has unique remote management capabilities. This is great for multi-site organizations with offices in different cities, meaning you can manage your access control in Vancouver from anywhere in the world. The access control system comes equipped with features like remote unlock, so you can unlock a door at any time without having to be onsite. Easily make changes to door schedules, manage user groups, plus add or remove entries all remotely. Avigilon Alta lets you add or revoke credentials instantly over the cloud as well. Keep your space secure with real-time visibility, alert notifications, and detailed activity logs, all organized in an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Seamless integration with third-party systems
    Avigilon Alta’s open API and mobile SDK give the system the flexibility to easily integrate with other hardware, software, third-party platforms, and apps. In the Avigilon Alta App Marketplace, users can explore more than 40 technology partners that are compatible with Avigilon Alta, as well as discover new integrations and a growing list of systems Avigilon Alta can integrate with, including video surveillance platforms. Video has been increasingly implemented in various businesses to enhance their security with visual verification. Avigilon’s ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform allows seamless integrations with video security providers. If you are thinking of adding video surveillance to your security system, the Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro combines convenient features in one device. The video intercom does not only provide the clearest visual verification with a super high-definition built-in camera. It also functions as a doorbell, multi-technology reader, and intelligent intercom with advanced voice AI capabilities, making the system a truly all-in-one video access solution.

  • 24/7 customer support
    Your access control system should be reliable, secure and consistent. However, if you do need additional support, choose an access control company that is there whenever you need them. At Avigilon, we offer all our customers support via web, email and phone to help answer technical questions, provide training, and troubleshoot any issues. Our local Vancouver access control installer partners are always quick to respond and able to meet you onsite to assist as well. We take our customer support seriously, and value customer feedback to help make our products even better. Whether you need assistance with your current Avigilon Alta system, or want to learn more about installing access control systems in Vancouver, our team is standing by and ready to help.

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Choosing the best access control systems for your space can be challenging, and finding an installer who understands access control security system installation in Vancouver is key to having the best solution for your business. It is also essential to partner with the right access control contractors in Vancouver to make sure that your installation process is seamless. Avigilon is the leading provider of mobile access control systems in Vancouver, with a network of highly trained and recommended system integrators in British Columbia. Whether you’re looking to install access control in a new space, or want to upgrade from legacy access control to a more modern solution, your Vancouver access control system installer can create a flexible system to align your needs with Avigilon Alta. The technology is easy to use, easy to install, and provides reliable, consistent access control. Our select access control companies in Vancouver have extensive experience installing access control systems in buildings throughout the city, and understand how to find the best system for your unique deployment.

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