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Avigilon Security Camera System & VMS Overview

Avigilon’s leading end-to-end security portfolio of security cameras and video management systems features cloud and on-premise offerings. Explore Avigilon camera reviews and pricing considerations.

Why organizations choose Avigilon Alta

Your video security needs to keep pace with changing technology, operations and threats. Avigilon Alta (formerly Ava) cloud VMS is flexible, open and powerful enough to adapt to any situation or deployment.

  • Anytime, anywhere visibility

    No matter where you are, view security video, access alerts and investigate incidents. With Aware’s cloud-based VMS you the power is in your hands.

  • See more with powerful analytics

    Aware’s AI analytics add valuable real-time intelligence. Get notified of suspicious events, like loitering or anomalies, or use insights to visualize overall activity.

  • Scale on your schedule

    Manage all devices and sites remotely from one platform. Avigilon Alta’s VMS is cost-efficient, with the ability to scale and manage across locations.

Why organizations choose Avigilon Unity

Physical security threats move fast. Instantly recognize what is happening and respond decisively with our AI-powered, on-premise Avigilon VMS and security cameras that work together in more powerful ways.

  • Obtain complete situational awareness

    Have eyes on the scene with robust Avigilon cameras and stay a step ahead with our Avigilon Unity Video VMS to proactively alert you of critical events.

  • Transform video security into insights

    Edge-based AI intelligence on Avigilon cameras and VMS learn and understand what matters to your security. So you can detect, verify and act faster.

  • Trust that your data is fully secured

    Protect your video data with advanced cybersecurity features on our cameras and VMS such as support for FIPS 140 – 2, integrated TPMs and Secure Boot.

Top Avigilon camera and VMS features

Whether you’re a small-to-medium business, a large enterprise or a public safety organization, our diverse portfolio of cloud and on-premise Avigilon cameras and VMS can meet you where you stand.

Empower security teams with high-resolution Avigilon cameras

Our fixed cameras not only provide the level of image detail you need, but they also come with analytics to help you understand what is happening.

  • Built-in, AI-powered intelligence

    When a crisis occurs, be alerted in real-time. Our AI-enabled cameras bring the most relevant insights, so you can make an informed response.

  • Critical events captured up to 10K

    Record evidence with crystal clear detail. We offer camera resolutions available from 8 MP (4K) to a staggering 61 MP (10K).

  • Scalable and ready for the future

    Deploy a future-proof camera system that grows with you, and can support anywhere from one to 10,000+ cameras per site.

Unlock your camera deployment’s potential with powerful VMS software

Avigilon AI-enabled VMS software helps you go further. Streamline operations, automate investigations and detect anomalies on a single pane of glass.

  • Make informed decisions, fast

    Prevent information overload and quickly find what you’re looking for. We help you work at speed without sacrificing the finer details.

  • Focused insights powered by AI

    Avigilon video management systems are equipped with advanced AI-powered analytics that intelligently enhance your visibility.

  • Options for any deployment

    Whether your camera network is set up to work with on-premise servers or over the cloud, there’s an Avigilon VMS for your needs.

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Avigilon Camera and Video Management System Reviews

Read Avigilon customer reviews for Alta and Unity Video security solutions. See why 100,000+ organizations worldwide trust Avigilon’s smart security cameras and advanced video management software.

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