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Modern security solutions for a historic town

The story of how one British town went from abandoning forensic searches to completing them in a matter of minutes.

Accurate forensics in minutes

With Avigilon Alta, Soham’s administrative team could access, search and analyze faster, increasing investigations’ speed by 98%.

Attention to detail

The Avigilon Alta team was able to customize security settings to make the system more suitable to Soham’s needs.

Continuous growth and upgrades

Automated software upgrades keep their video system protected from new cyber threats and up to date with the latest features.

A technological overhaul

Upgrading CCTV, which had been in use for decades, helped turn Soham into a smart town, with breakthrough security technology and analytics to keep the 22,000+ residents safe and prevent crime.

Challenge: An archaic, sluggish system

Soham struggled with outdated equipment, like old CCTV cameras and slow servers with limited recording volume. Proactive maintenance was neglected, leading to inefficient incident reviews with low-resolution footage. When incidents were found, physical devices were used to share footage, causing delays in investigations. Only nine of 17 cameras functioned, with low-quality video due to age. The council sought an upgraded solution to improve resident safety and accelerate investigations.

Solution: The future is smart security

Soham wanted a flexible and cost-efficient video system to address diverse needs. Goals included surveillance of their main street, high-quality footage, and easily upgradable camera firmware and software. The new solution utilized Avigilon Alta’s cloud VMS, 34 new cameras and one appliance. Alta’s flexible system integrated with pre-existing cameras and tools, enhancing their capabilities, streamlining police reports, and making it easier to enforce town regulations and investigate offenses.

Result: A smarter city

Avigilon Alta’s machine learning system provides Soham with real-time alerts for abnormal events, replacing traditional monitoring and enabling quicker response to potential violations. Soham now prevents offenses from escalating and plans to expand the system beyond the main street, aligning with their goal of ensuring safety and happiness for residents and visitors. They also glean valuable data insights from the unique features of the smart cameras to assist urban planning and growth.

Have questions? We can help

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