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A progressive example of a smart city

Stavanger, the fourth largest city in Norway, set a goal to become a paradigm smart city, using technology and automation to increase municipal growth and develop better services for its citizens.

Fewer servers, more visibility

Stavanger was able to centralize its security system so it was no longer necessary to visit each server in a separate location.

Efficient investigations

With the ability to search for events, people and objects, Stavanger’s operators could locate incidents in a matter of minutes.

Integrations creating growth

Avigilon Alta integrates easily with third-party systems and sensors, allowing Stavanger to further its innovative agenda.

Creating a better place to live and work

Setting the tone for the future, Stavanger is investing heavily in infrastructure like smart cameras and centralized cloud management to produce a better society.

Challenge: Growing pains and heavy rains

Stavanger wanted a smarter surveillance system that could integrate with other technologies. But with 700 cameras and 70 servers, configuring each server separately was tedious and unsustainable. Natural phenomena, like days of rain or snow, also required the team to make constant adjustments. With hours of footage, finding specific incidents was difficult. The town’s IT team faced challenges in locating and sharing relevant events, often abandoning searches due to the effort involved.

Solution: Choosing a system for the future

Stavanger sought a video security system that could provide helpful data and automate monitoring of public spaces. Avigilon Alta emerged as the best fit, offering quick deployment and provisioning. Instead of installing, configuring and maintaining servers at each location, Stavanger centralized the process, reducing 70 servers to just five. Each server connects up to 200 cameras, eliminating extensive maintenance and fulfilling the city’s requirements while providing unexpected insights.

Result: Exemplar for smart cities everywhere

With Avigilon, the centralized security solution could integrate with smart grid technologies, reducing servers by 92.8% for over 700 cameras. Investigations now take minutes, and footage sharing with authorities is quick, efficient and secure. Avigilon Alta’s compatibility with smart devices and systems aids Stavanger’s Smart City transition, connecting with access control, HVAC, occupancy tracking and more, which provide valuable insights and improve efficiency for public spaces and citizens.

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