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Less redundancy and more clarity

Using Avigilon’s smart cameras, Hathon streamlined their systems, creating a more secure network; this saved time for security teams, enabled agile security responses and maximized data analytics.

Easy installation

The Hathon operational team was able to access, search and analyze all the gathered data from one place using the new platform.

Integration with other systems

Integrating with third-party systems, Avigilon allowed Hathon to streamline their technologies and reduce the number of contracts.

Continuous Improvement

Automatic system updates and new features allows Hathon to get the most from new developments using the system already installed.

From dispersed tech to centralized management

Monitoring and maintaining numerous systems and subscriptions takes time and effort. Consolidating solutions with the benefit of increased data insights is the future for Hathon.

Challenge: More properties, more problems

As a real estate developer, Hathon manages many properties with various needs, using different tools for each one. The multitude of devices, vendors and servers created inefficiencies, installation challenges and communication lags. To ensure strategic, sustainable buildings, Hathon needed to collect data to support environmental consciousness and minimize waste. Hathon wanted streamlined solutions for more efficient management and scalability.

Solution: Less security management is more

Hathon saw potential in updating their security system with Avigilon. Cameras would act as sensors, integrating with or replacing existing devices like CCTV, access control and energy/​building management systems. They first installed Avigilon cameras and connected devices to the Avigilon platform at their headquarters with properties to follow soon after. Integrating the tools streamlined data collection, improved analytics and reduced equipment, which simplified reporting for the team.

Result: More insight with less effort

Hathon continues to oversee real estate properties using a myriad of tools to track security and record energy efficiency. Installing Avigilon streamlined data, reduced devices and tracked energy consumption per person. Video analytics alerted anomalies on construction sites, and access control integration improved security. Now better aligned with strategic objectives, Hathon plans to deploy Avigilon in future projects, working together to address evolving needs and achieve long-term goals.

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