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Keeping sites secure for Shimizu Corporation

This large Japanese construction company uses the Avigilon Unity solution to keep its sites secure from unauthorized individuals and vehicles.

Intuitive video management

Avigilon Unity Video delivers real-time insights that help the security team respond quicker to keep sites safe and secure.

Next-Generation Video Analytics

Detect and identify an object of interest using AI video analytics, which allows the team to assess if there is a risk present.

Appearance Search technology

Expedite responses to threats by getting instant alerts to individuals on a watch list trespassing on the property.

License plate recognition

Effectively detect and track vehicles of interest entering the site using license plate recognition (LPR) technology.

Taking building safety to new heights

Read how Shimizu Corporation used the scalable and easy-to-use Avigilon Unity Video solution to integrate with its building operation and management system – DX-Core – to enhance security.

Challenge: Lack of threat detection

As a business with multiple sites, it is essential for Shimizu Corporation to remotely manage security and be alerted to threats to help keep unwanted individuals from entering its facilities. 

With limited resources available to each site’s security operations team, it was challenging to keep banned and unauthorized personnel out by relying solely on the security officers’ ability to watch all live video streams and hopefully detect any threats.

Solution: Proactive building video security

Shimizu Corporation procured the Avigilon Unity Video solution to enhance their security operation to help keep sites safe.

  • Immediate threat detection

    AI analytics aid in detecting and identifying a person or vehicle of interest entering the sites, allowing the team to understand if there is a risk present.

  • Smart insights that drive efficiencies

    Shimizu can get information through the Unity Video – DX-Core integration, such as occupancy rates and vehicle flow analysis, leading to smarter operations.

  • User-centric workflow improves responses

    When an unfolding incident is detected by Avigilon cameras, Unity Video provides immediate alerts to the security team, which drastically reduces response times.

Result: Smarter, faster security operations

With a proactive video security system in place – and one that integrates with its building operation and management solution – Shimizu Corporation is well-positioned to handle site security. 

No longer does the security team need to constantly view footage from behind their desks, hoping not to miss a potential threat. Avigilon Unity Video has transformed site security by providing an AI-powered security solution that automatically detects threats and helps keep unauthorized individuals out. 

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