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Community safety starts with top security

The New Bedford Housing Authority (NBHA) utilized the Avigilon Unity security suite to prevent crime, investigate incidents and improve trust with the local community.

Enhanced detection

Clear real-time video and Self-Learning Video Analytics help the user to see events that may have otherwise been missed.

Superior management

Avigilon Unity Video allows for quick and easy review of live or recorded video with a simplified interface and intuitive controls.

Faster searches with AI

Avigilon Appearance Search enables the operator to locate persons of interest quickly using certain physical descriptions.

Cost-effective storage

The high-performance Avigilon HD Network Video Recorders serve as localized storage solutions for the video security system.

Safeguard residents with smart video security

Read how NBHA uses the Avigilon Unity security suite to allow them to keep residents safe with a video security system that improves the detection of threats, response times and investigations.

Challenge: Provide a safe space for residents

The NBHA’s first priority is to provide residents with a safe, secure space. However, petty crimes and misdemeanors proved to be a persistent problem, and its analog security systems were ill-equipped to prevent them. Not only was the maintenance of the old cameras expensive, but the cameras also lacked responsive capabilities, provided poor video quality, their blind spots were large, and they often failed to record incidents.

Solution: Next-generation video security

The NBHA utilizes the Avigilon Unity suite to improve threat detection, monitor events and improve incident response times.

  • Round-the-clock monitoring

    The powerful Avigilon security cameras provide reliable 24/7 coverage so operators can monitor events at all times and detect potential threats.

  • Easily compile video evidence

    Avigilon Unity Video enables the team to find and download footage of an incident quickly with its advanced search and export capabilities.

  • Instant alerts to potential threats

    With Unusual Motion Detection technology, operators are instantly alerted to an ongoing event at a particular site that requires their immediate attention.

Result: Proactive security keeping people safe

The NBHA’s vision is to ensure sustainable and self-sufficient communities, even in the face of uncertainty, and its mission is to nurture safe neighborhoods with quality housing and encourage economic development. With its comprehensive Avigilon security solution, the housing authority is making sure that this mission and vision stay a reality for all residents by taking proactive measures to prevent crime, identify suspects and work closely with law enforcement.

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