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Saving money while improving customer service

Fury Motors uses analytics-driven monitoring for proactive response, which enhances efficiency and saves hours in investigations. Shortened employee response times improves the customer experience.

Protective threat detection

Intelligent algorithms detect abnormal behavior and alert in real-time, identifying crucial video from Fury Motors' live cameras.

Powerful machine learning

Search by image or event similarity using AI learning. Fury Motors can comb through and analyze hours of footage in seconds.

Directional audio analytics

By analyzing sound patterns, the solution offers a snapshot of sound types and their direction, enhancing situational awareness.

Gain operational insight

The dealership can count people or vehicles, use smart maps to understand high traffic areas, and ultimately improve service.

See the before and after with Avigilon

Protecting assets and employees used to mean 24/7 camera monitoring by a person — which could result in error or oversight, and was expensive. With smart cameras, safety could be improved without extra personnel.

Challenge: Costly full-time security

Facing evolving challenges, Fury Motors needed proactive asset protection. Traditional security systems were costly, time-consuming and prone to human error. Without on-site guards, the dealership relied on remote monitoring, losing $7K+ monthly to internal theft and operational inefficiency. Partnering with Avigilon Alta provided a flexible, adaptive solution for better security, employee behavior insights and improved customer service practices, addressing the new demands in retail security.

Solution: Preemptive counter-theft measures

Fury Motors sought more value from its remote monitoring service and intelligent video security system. Avigilon provided data intelligence for greater efficiency and resource optimization; the AI and machine learning-powered solution enabled quick footage review, decreased response time and data-driven decision-making for loss prevention. With Avigilon Alta’s technology, Fury Motors accelerated investigations for its $50M+ inventory, preventing theft and increasing productivity.

Results: Freeing up time to do more

Fury Motors continues to be a leader in St. Paul, Minnesota, and still benefits from an analytics-driven monitoring service for proactive response and improved efficiency. The Alta Aware mobile apps expedite investigations and increase asset recovery. Customized alerts and video analytics improve customer service, ensuring timely employee response. Avigilon Alta’s data analytics empower Fury Motors to enforce compliance, address mandates and protect employees and customers for long-term success.

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