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A safe space for all at Esteamed Coffee

With the Avigilon Alta solution, Esteamed Coffee has drastically improved its security operations. The situational awareness boost gained has helped it to enhance safety and in-store processes.

Cloud-based security

The Avigilon Ava cameras are cloud-powered, which helps the business manage their security from anywhere.

Powerful AI video analytics

The AI video analytics detect anomalies, such as loud noises, and instantly flag them to operators on Avigilon Alta Aware.

Reliable video management

The easy-to-use Avigilon Alta VMS allows the user to view live video or find footage to see what happened during an incident.

Insights that drive revenue

The cafe can use the Avigilon Alta solution to optimize stock and staffing levels, as well as track statistics, such as footfall.

Reliable video security that delivers 24/7

Read how Esteamed Coffee Inc. enhanced the safety of their vulnerable employees, reduced criminal activity in and around the cafe and improved in-store processes to increase productivity.

Challenge: Staff safety is paramount

Esteamed Coffee knew that they must create a safe and secure environment for their employees, most of whom have a disability, and customers. One important way to achieve this was by deploying a reliable video security solution that could help management monitor activities.

Their legacy video security system was simply not up to the job. Its unreliable nature resulted in incidents going amiss and events not being resolved correctly. As a result, the safety and security of the business was at risk.

Solution: Cloud-based video security

Esteamed Coffee created a safe space for its employees and customers by using the cloud-based Avigilon Alta video security system.

  • Safeguarding staff and customers

    The Avigilon cameras help to deter an incident from taking place, but if one does arise, the team can use the video captured to respond appropriately.

  • Faster investigations and resolution

    Alta Aware allows users to analyze what happened during an incident and identify those involved so that the event can be resolved in a timely fashion.

  • Visibility from anywhere, anytime

    The cloud-connected Alta video system allows the team to monitor video security from anywhere at any time, resulting in faster responses to alerts.

Result: A solution that can be relied upon

With the Avigilon Alta video solution, the store is a safer space for its employees and customers. The Avigilon team stays in regular contact with Esteamed Coffee to ensure it is getting the most out of their system. 

As the store continues to get busier and more customers stop by, this incredible coffee shop is well-placed to continue to have a strong positive impact on the local community in Cary and provide a fantastic employment opportunity for the most vulnerable.

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