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Deploying a complete security solution

With 59 stores in central locations all over Cyprus, a complete security solution was essential for Zorbas Bakeries to ensure smooth and uninterrupted company operations.

Smart technology

Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics help Zorbas Bakeries improve detection of what is happening across their sites.

Seamless access control

Scalable, browser-based software connects with video platforms, alarm panels and wireless locks to secure virtually any space.

Easier management

Avigilon Unity Video platform provides a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls and easier monitoring across the bakery locations.

Superior imaging

H4 platform cameras provide excellent coverage for Zorbas, helping detect the presence of unidentified persons and suspicious activity.

End-to-end access and video security

Zorbas Bakeries is the largest bakery chain in Cyprus, employing more than 2,500 people and serving more than 70,000 customers daily across all stores. They needed a system that would ensure the security of its stores while also improving company operations.

Challenge: Multiple locations and security needs

As many of Zorbas’ stores operate on a 24-hour basis, the need for a reliable security system was of the utmost importance to help ensure the safety of its customers, staff and resources. Additionally, Zorbas Bakeries sought a solution that would help them verify employee compliance with quality procedures, monitor cashier points to reduce financial losses due to employee error and restrict access to help ensure the right people are in the right production areas at all times.

Solution: A complete Avigilon system

To enhance company operations while safeguarding its customers, staff and resources, Zorbas Bakeries implemented a complete Avigilon video security and access control solution. More than 1,500 Avigilon cameras with Self-Learning Video Analytics were installed by Krypto Security Ltd. along with an Avigilon Unity Access system and Avigilon Unity Video software.

Result: Improving business costs and operations

The Avigilon system has helped reduce the security costs of Zorbas Bakeries’ by 10% while also reducing inventory losses by 20%. The exceptional image detail of the video captured by Avigilon cameras has been able to serve as evidence for hygiene policy compliance, fraudulent workplace accident claims and staff absences. Zorbas Bakeries also leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology and video analytic capabilities to effectively monitor all of its sites and proactively respond to potentially critical events.

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