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The fast track for security

With over 200 employees and over 400,000 total attendances annually at its race days, Victoria Racing Club (VRC) needed a complete security solution that could effectively manage its venue.

Faster alerts

With such large volumes of footage coming in, Self-Learning Video Analytics alerts the security team of events that need their attention.

Smart technology

Appearance Search technology uses AI to search through live and recorded video to quickly identify a specific person or vehicle.

Vast coverage

H4 PTZ cameras combine powerful, high-speed tracking with 360-degree coverage of the venue.

Easier management

Avigilon Unity Video software provides a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls and easier monitoring.

Security that leads the pack

Fast search, crowd management and an easy-to-use system were all critical for VRC when looking for a new security system. Avigilon had what they needed.

Challenge: Crowd management

Managing extremely busy race days required VRC to deploy a complete security solution that could effectively manage the heavy live traffic flow of people and vehicles throughout its grounds and parking areas without crashing or lagging. This was desired not only for general crowd management but as a measure of preparedness in case of emergencies.

Additionally, VRC sought a system with advanced search capabilities to help locate specific individuals throughout their site quickly and easily.

Solution: A reliable and powerful system

To safeguard its customers, employees and resources, VRC deployed a security solution including Avigilon cameras, VMS and analytics.

  • Faster search

    If a person needs to be located onsite, the security operator uses Appearance Search to quickly find them or trace their route during an investigation.

  • Making decisions more quickly

    When an event occurs VRC’s security team is instantly notified and, with the exceptional image detail of the video, can quickly verify if action needs to be taken.

  • Seamless operations

    With the Avigilon solution, VRC no longer experiences frequent lags in its video or system crashes, which has greatly increased the efficiency of its day-to-day operations.

Result: Growing success

VRC’s Avigilon system has allowed it to improve crowd management and event response, creating a safer, more secure environment for both its employees and guests. The success of the system has prompted VRC to continue expanding its Avigilon solution, adding more cameras to its Avigilon Unity Video platform while maintaining ease of use for its security team.

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