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Keeping Vodafone Park safe

Vodafone Park chose Avigilon solutions to reduce blind spots and provide as much video coverage as possible while being able to deliver detailed images, such as a face out of a crowd of thousands.

Superior image detail

Offering ultra-high resolutions of up to 61 MP, Avigilon security cameras provided the level of image detail Vodafone Park needed.

Easy system management

Avigilon Unity Video simplifies the way security professionals manage and review numerous live video streams.

Flexible coverage

Continuous 360º rotation and up to 45x zoom capabilities enable multi-directional tracking and detailed video evidence.

Intelligent analytics

Self-Learning Video Analytics accurately recognize the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion not relevant to a scene.

Streamlining guest experience

A stadium the size of Vodafone Park needed comprehensive security coverage so its team could ensure safety while focusing its efforts on guest experience.

Challenge: Mitigating risks

Illegal entries into the park were an ongoing concern, coupled with a need to provide constant safety for thousands of spectators during the emotionally-charged atmosphere of a football match. The previous CCTV system in the stadium was not up to the expectations of the security team, and they needed a video security system with improved image clarity, reduced blind spots and lower bandwidth.

Solution: Leading technology

Vodafone Park deployed a comprehensive Avigilon video security system to improve safety, drive business and give guests peace of mind.

  • Expansive coverage

    Over 500 Avigilon video security cameras were installed, featuring up to 30MP resolution.

  • Improved coordination

    All cameras run on the Avigilon Unity Video platform, which highlights potentially critical events for fast review and response.

  • Enhanced perimeter protection

    Self-Learning Video Analytics help detect and flag perimeter breaches for further investigation.

Result: Excellent guest experience

Since installing the Avigilon suite of solutions, Beşiktaş J.K. has already seen results: Several attempts to enter the stadium illegally have been detected and stopped. Additionally, this enhanced level of safety and protection has led to a higher level of fan satisfaction and an increase in ticket sales. Most importantly, it has given Vodafone Park a suite of security solutions smart enough to keep up with its future-forward design and its passionate fans.

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