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Round-the-clock security for Karlswood

Seamless site-wide coverage and round-the-clock monitoring from the powerful video security and access control solutions help Karlswood to secure the facility and ensure the safety of their horses.

High-definition image detail

Sharp image detail from the powerful Avigilon cameras help provide a clear picture of events.

Seamless coverage

The deployment of Avigilon cameras minimizes blind spots, which improves situational awareness and ensures no incident is missed.

Remote monitoring

Using the Avigilon Unity Video app, Karlswood can view and control the site from anywhere, at any time to ensure safety.

Visibility at all times

The Avigilon cameras’ IR technology helps to provide reliable coverage in low light or bad weather conditions.

Enhanced security for top equestrian center

Learn how the future-proof Avigilon Unity security suite has helped to enhance safety and security across Karlswood by providing clear footage, out-of-hours monitoring and site-wide coverage.

Challenge: Ensure safety of high-value assets

Irish show jumping Olympic medallist and coach Cian O’Connor has recently opened a world-class equestrian and show jumping training facility in Meath, Ireland, called Karlswood. Karlswood was looking for a reliable, future-proof solution that would enable key staff to monitor the site effectively from any location at all times and provide full traceability for remedial action and, potentially, insurance purposes in the event of any issues or accidents.

Solution: Intelligent security solutions

Karlswood can now manage security and ensure safety from anywhere at all times with its powerful Avigilon Unity solution.

  • Monitor events across the facility

    The powerful Avigilon cameras use infrared capabilities to provide sharp, reliable coverage even after dark, so the Karlswood team can see what’s happening.

  • Secure premises after hours

    The Karlswood team can view footage from any camera and answer calls via their H4 Video Intercom to identify visitors before granting access to the site.

  • Manage security remotely

    The Avigilon Unity Video App enables Karlswood’s management team to remotely manage security at their facility, even after hours.

Result: Security and safety ensured 24/7

Avigilon Unity helps Karlswood keep its high-value horses and facility secure while managing normal day-to-day security operations.

  • Clear coverage of events

    The powerful Avigilon cameras provide sharp, reliable coverage, even after dark, with its infrared capabilities, so the Karlswood team can see what’s happening.

  • Improved investigations

    In the event of an incident, the team can review footage on Avigilon Unity Video and quickly search for a specific instant, helping to find out what happened.

  • Manage security on-the-go

    With the Avigilon Unity Video App, the team doesn’t have to be behind a computer to monitor events. This has improved efficiency and incident response times.

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