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A winning security solution

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, GBK is a multipurpose complex with 36 venues and facilities that sought a comprehensive security solution that delivered best-in-class products and technologies.

Easier management

Avigilon Unity Video platform provides a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls and easier monitoring across multiple sports sites.

Advanced analytics

Self-Learning Video Analytics help assist with general operations such as crowd and traffic management during events.

Smart technology

UMD technology was installed to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like and then detects and flags unusual motion.

Situational awareness

H4A platform cameras provide high image details across large stadiums and parking lots.

All-star results for a busy sports complex

Given the huge number of visitors GBK receives each year, safety and security are not only among their top priorities but a sizable challenge. Avigilon had the answer.

Challenge: Expansive coverage

Covering such a vast area, GBK faced a unique security challenge as it sought a comprehensive solution that was both scalable and flexible enough to adapt to its wide variety of uses. It was important for GBK to gain international recognition as a sports complex that is equipped with smart technology, as this could impact its brand awareness, attract more international events and ultimately help maximize revenue.

Solution: A complete Avigilon system

To help secure its facilities and protect its visitors, athletes and employees, GBK worked with integrator PT. Intisar Soluzindo to deploy a security solution that includes Avigilon video security cameras with UMD technology, Self-Learning Video Analytics and Avigilon Unity Video software. The system has been an effective part of GBK’s overall risk mitigation strategy. It provides clear imaging on playing fields and in all of its sports venues, including the main stadium.

Result: Improved efficiencies and lower business costs

Since the deployment of the Avigilon system, GBK has found that its usefulness extends beyond its initial expectations. In the past, some individuals would come and use the facilities illegally without booking or paying for them, which meant lost revenue and increased liability for GBK. Now, GBK uses Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics and UMD technology to detect people on fields or within facilities when they shouldn’t be there, allowing operators to take action and help reduce illegal use of the sports complex.

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