The Bread & Butter of Security for Zorbas Bakeries

The Bread & Butter of Security for Zorbas Bakeries

Zorbas Bakeries

March 13, 2019
“Zorbas Bakeries needed a system that would ensure the security of its stores from any malicious acts while also improving company operations,” said George Georgiou, CEO at Krypto Security Ltd. “Now, not only are its security officers fully aware of what’s going on in each and every store, but they can also act upon critical events in literally just a few seconds.”

Zorbas Bakeries is the largest bakery chain in Cyprus, employing more than 2,500 people and serving more than 70,000 customers daily across all stores. After more than 43 years of fast growth, the small bakery that it began as has transformed into one of the largest groups of companies, and still maintains the same values it was founded upon: quality, consistency and constant development.

With 59 stores in central locations all over Cyprus, a large production factory, and warehouses that store valuable goods requiring strict hygiene conditions to ensure proper preservation, a complete security solution was essential for Zorbas Bakeries to ensure smooth and uninterrupted company operations. As many of its stores operate on a 24-hour basis, the need for a reliable security system was of the utmost importance to help ensure the safety of its customers, staff and resources. Additionally, Zorbas Bakeries sought a solution that would help them verify employee compliance with quality procedures, monitor cashier points to reduce financial losses due to employee error, and restrict access to help ensure the right people are in the right production areas at all times.

Deploying Innovative Solutions to Achieve Security Goals

To enhance company operations while safeguarding its customers, staff and resources, Zorbas Bakeries implemented a complete Avigilon video surveillance and access control solution. More than 1,500 Avigilon cameras with self-learning video analytics were installed by Krypto Security Ltd. along with an ACM system. The solution allows Zorbas Bakeries to leverage advanced artificial intelligence technology and video analytic capabilities to effectively

Since its deployment, the Avigilon system has exceeded expectations. It has helped reduce the security costs of Zorbas Bakeries’ factory and stores by 10% while also reducing inventory losses by 20%. The exceptional image detail of the video captured by Avigilon cameras has been able to serve as evidence for hygiene policy compliance, fraudulent workplace accident claims and staff absences.

“Zorbas Bakeries needed a system that would ensure the security of its stores from any malicious acts while also improving company operations,” said George Georgiou, CEO at Krypto Security Ltd. “Now, not only are its security officers fully aware of what’s going on in each and every store, but they can also act upon critical events in literally just a few seconds.”

The video has even served as evidence for the Cyprus Police Department when acts of vandalism and sabotage have occurred on company property. Implementing an Avigilon solution has played a crucial role in helping achieve the goal of increasing security, reducing losses and monitoring employee policy compliance while providing additional, unexpected benefits as well.

Avigilon in Action

Proactive Security

Since the installation of the system, Avigilon self-learning video analytics have been able to help detect and prevent malicious acts on Zorbas Bakeries’ property before they even take place. The analytics, which are embedded in the cameras that monitor the perimeter of its sites, have successfully detected the presence of unidentified persons and suspicious activity. The system then sent an alarm notification to Krypto Security’s Alarm Management Centre, the security integrator who monitors Zorbas Bakeries’ alarms, where an operator verified the alarm and notified onsite security officers if action needed to be taken. In past cases, the onsite officers then initiated talk-down through either mobile or desktop browser to urge the person of interest to leave the area, successfully preventing any vandalism or damage from occurring. By monitoring its sites 24/7 and focusing operators’ attention on atypical events that may need further investigation, the Avigilon system has been able to streamline surveillance for Zorbas Bakeries while increasing its effectiveness.

Doing Better Business

As a business that prides itself on quality and consistency, adherence to company procedures is paramount for Zorbas Bakeries, and since the installation of its Avigilon solution, the improvement of company operations has been profound. The exceptional quality of the high definition video captured by the Avigilon cameras has provided a means to ensure its employees are following various policies and procedures while also monitoring the flow of cash going in and out of each of its cash registers. Likewise, when incidents of workplace accident claims have occurred, Zorbas Bakeries has been able to review video to see clear evidence of what happened — and has been able to identify several fraudulent claims as a result. With their new Avigilon system, Zorbas Bakeries can centrally monitor a variety of crucial aspects of its business to help improve operations and product quality while also reducing losses.

“In comparison with Zorbas Bakeries’ previously implemented systems, the Avigilon solution is very user-friendly and its performance is exceptional. It has satisfied many more security needs.” – Mr. Georgiou

Verified Access

Outside of video surveillance, the new Avigilon system has been able to provide an effective access control solution for Zorbas Bakeries as well. As many of its stores are open 24/7, it is essential to be able to restrict access at critical entrances. Additionally, it is crucial that only authorized employees enter areas where its products are produced, as any contamination of baked goods or ingredients could negatively affect product quality — and Zorbas Bakeries’ reputation. Deploying the ACM system has helped restrict access to these sensitive areas and ensure that employees stay within their designated work zones within its factory and production areas. The integration of ACM with an Avigilon video surveillance system has also proved useful, as operators can verify unusual access control events in real-time while simultaneously ensuring proper uniform and hygiene regulations are being followed.

A Complete Solution

By implementing a complete Avigilon security solution, Zorbas Bakeries has been able to not only achieve but exceed its security goals. From protecting staff, customers and resources to ensuring policy compliance to enhance product quality and business operations, the Avigilon system has successfully offered a wide variety of benefits and improvements beyond what was expected. As a result of its success, Zorbas Bakeries plans to install Avigilon security solutions in its new stores as it continues to expand.

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