State & Local Government Safety and Security

State & Local Government Safety and Security

Trusted Solutions for State & Local Government

State and local governments exercise important functions for their defined geographic territory with the authority granted to them at the Federal level. They bear a great responsibility to manage and oversee the governance of special authorities, including school districts, fire protection districts, law enforcement, prisons or correctional institutions, emergency management, public transportation, public parks or forests, and more.

All of these authorities can benefit from technology that makes them more efficient and cost-effective as a means to improving overall safety and security of the residents. With so much at stake, security personnel at the state and local levels need to do more with less in order to effectively secure facilities and public spaces that often span across multiple facilities or campuses. The ability to monitor potential threats in real time and leverage the power of intelligent forensic video tools could make all the difference in preventing unwanted threats and keeping people safe.

One such example is today's corrections environment, which is rapidly changing and causing corrections officers to face a growing list of challenges. Rampant understaffing, along with a pervasive lack of funding, has meant fewer corrections officers taking on much more responsibility, while still expected to stay consistent in reporting, booking, managing inmates and other day-to-day tasks. Now, we’re seeing the detrimental effects: wide-ranging inefficiencies, growing jail incidents and associated lawsuits, difficulty recruiting new officers, and overall public safety risk as inmates are not accounted for properly. 

Motorola Solutions suite of Avigilon video security and physical access control systems offer an end-to-end unified solution that meets the important security standards of the state and local government to achieve the following benefits:

Ultra high-definition cameras provide clearer images and capture more evidence with fewer cameras.
Our assistive AI-powered video analytics facilitate greater efficiency and effectiveness across your security operations to combat attention fatigue and resource constraints.
Reduce investigations from days to minutes with intelligent forensic search capabilities.
Technology that supports collaborative camera sharing, where businesses can integrate their security camera deployments with law enforcement operations to deliver critical insights and actionable intelligence.
Turnkey FIPS solution with NIST RMF and STIGs hardening cybersecurity posture, that adheres to US Federal Government IT procurements guidelines (NDAA, FAR, TAA). Increase ROI by leveraging embedded intelligence technologies that save man hours traditionally dedicated to monitoring screens or watching recorded video.

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New Bedford Housing Authority (NBHA) State & Local Government
unfold_moreCommunity Safety Starts with Best-in-Class Security

New Bedford, Massachusetts

The NBHA's mission is to provide affordable housing while also promoting self-sufficiency, fostering leadership and cultivating sustainable, healthy communities.

unfold_lessCommunity Safety Starts with Best-in-Class Security

“The greatest savings that I have experienced is time. The amount of time spent reviewing video for incidents using our previous cameras and VMS system has been cut down tremendously using Avigilon,” said Steven Beauregard, executive director of the NBHA.

Worcester City Council State & Local Government
unfold_moreImproving City Centre Safety with Worcester City Council

Worcester, UK

Worcester City Council provides efficient essential services for over 95,000 residents and, working with the local community, it aims to create a prosperous, safe city and to improve the quality of life for residents, students and visitors.

unfold_lessImproving City Centre Safety with Worcester City Council

“The Avigilon technology has provided system reliability and high image quality, as well as advanced analytics. The cameras have been deployed in such a way as to optimise and futureproof the City Council’s investment to keep our communities safe. We now literally and metaphorically have the bigger picture.” - Warwick Neale - Team Manager Community Services, Worcester City Council

Mount Vernon Police Department State & Local Government
unfold_moreEnhancing City Safety With Smart Video Security

Mount Vernon, Illinois

Mount Vernon Police Department required a next-generation video security solution to increase safety for the city's 15,000 residents while optimizing their resources.

unfold_lessEnhancing City Safety With Smart Video Security

“One resident who resides in an area where cameras were installed told me she’s certain they’ve made a difference. Because of this program, she can sleep better at night,” said Chief of Police Trent Page, Mount Vernon Police Department