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Air force base launches video security system

Offutt Air Force Base deployed a robust video security solution from Avigilon that helped to conduct investigations, implement performance improvements and train personnel.

Greater coverage

The Avigilon security cameras help operators monitor expansive areas to detect and respond to potential incidents with ease.

Seamless management

Footage can be searched and analyzed instantly to provide live and post-incident analysis on Avigilon Unity Video.

Enhanced awareness

Security teams can utilize the Avigilon Unity solution to respond to emergencies and natural disasters effectively.

Increased bandwidth

Manage bandwidth efficiently while recording high-resolution streams in real-time or storing up to two months of recorded footage.

Adapting to challenges with top video security

Discover how Offutt Air Force Base enhanced investigatory processes, improved staff training and prevented incidents across their site using the Avigilon Unity security suite of technologies.

Challenge: Limited awareness of expansive base

After an incident at another base highlighted the shortcomings of their video security, Offutt Air Force Base knew they needed a more robust solution. They needed a system capable of providing clear footage of takeoffs and landings, as well as weather conditions, which could be taking place up to 4.5 miles away from the camera location. Such footage can be analyzed to inform pilots, improve staff training and provide the information required to carry out investigations.

Solution: A versatile video security system

Offutt Air Force Base used the Avigilon Unity solution to conduct investigations, instill performance standards and train staff.

  • See the bigger picture

    The powerful Avigilon security cameras provide crystal-clear footage of base activities so operators know what is happening across the large site.

  • Enhanced analytic capabilities

    The Avigilon camera system provides efficient bandwidth management so personnel can analyze full frame rates of eight frames per second in minute detail.

  • Emergency preparedness

    The robust Avigilon solution can be relied upon to keep operating and provide situational awareness during emergencies and natural disasters.

Result: Ready to handle any event with Avigilon

Offutt is now able to record and monitor the entire takeoff and landing of aircraft. The footage is available in HD, with recordings going back two months on a system that can manage bandwidth efficiently. The Avigilon system also offers increased situational awareness during emergencies. During a flooding event at the base, water levels rose so fast and high that many base monitoring systems were shut down. Avigilon stayed up and running and helped base personnel monitor water levels remotely.

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