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H5 Pro Camera

The H5 Pro camera is our most powerful and highest resolution camera yet. It captures stunning image detail up to 10K (61 MP) over vast areas, providing maximum scene coverage, while minimizing bandwidth and storage consumption through our patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) 2.0 technology.

max. resolution
max. frame rate
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Capture the highest level of detail

Ensure critical events do not go unnoticed with an ultra high resolution, single-sensor camera, available up to 10K (61 MP).

Next-Generation Video Analytics*

*Not available on 61 MP model

Strong low-light performance

Multiple lens options

ONVIF S, T* & G conformant

*Not available on 61 MP model

See far and wide

With resolutions of up to 61 MP, multiple lens options and enhanced low-light capabilities, the H5 Pro delivers long-range evidentiary detail across the widest areas. Cities can effectively safeguard large public spaces. Stadiums can capture close-up details such as seat numbers at a great distance. Airports can monitor all activity on the tarmac, such as identifying airplanes by their tail numbers from far away.

Expedite response times with AI

No matter how large your site is, you can stay a step ahead of critical events with the H5 Pro’s built-in Next-Generation Video Analytics*. Improve response times with Unusual Activity Detection to alert you of atypical locations and speeds of people and vehicles. Streamline investigations with the camera’s support for Avigilon Appearance Search and Facial Recognition technologies.

*Not available on 61 MP model

Minimize bandwidth requirements

Typically, the higher the image quality, the higher the amount of bandwidth and storage it consumes, which can be costly for your site. The H5 Pro comes equipped with our patented HDSM 2.0 technology to help keep bandwidth and storage consumption down, while still providing you with ultra high resolution images.

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