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Ensuring city safety with smart video security

Mount Vernon Police Department deployed the next-generation Avigilon video security solution to increase safety for the city’s 15,000 residents while optimizing their resources.

Faster insights

Real-time video aggregation and threat detection allow for the faster sharing of the latest insights.

Efficient management

Advanced search and query functions help analysts provide actionable intelligence to those that need it.

Integrated technologies

Unified voice and data collaboration produces faster results with integrated technology, especially during the moments that matter.

Easy-to-use software

User-centric workflow and automation empower team members to cut down response time and create personalized workspaces.

Video security that creates a positive impact

Learn how Mount Vernon PD deployed the Avigilon Unity security suite to enable them to perform their duties effectively with the help of real-time insights and powerful investigatory capabilities.

Challenge: Increase safety, optimize resources

With just over 40 officers, detectives and crime scene technicians on staff, the MVPD sought to scale and expand its operations with updated video technology and analytics. Focused on a critical region situated between Interstates 57 and 64 that possessed a high rate of violent crime, the MVPD required a next-generation video security solution to increase safety while optimizing resources.

Solution: A smart security solution

MVPD is prepared to handle threats to the local community while keeping its officers safe with critical incident information.

  • Enhanced situational awareness

    With powerful video analytics, such as Avigilon Appearance Search, operators are able to retrieve valuable insights that can inform better decisions.

  • Detailed footage

    The Avigilon cameras are able to provide operators with clear footage of events that can be reliably used as evidence when prosecuting.

  • Forensic video management

    Avigilon Unity Video enables the operator to sift through hours of footage in minutes﹣helping to enhance situational awareness and expedite investigations.

Result: A safer community for all

Today, thanks to the Avigilon Unity solution, the MVPD has seen a clear, positive impact on safety across the city while envisioning opportunities to expand the system with local businesses and others. Feedback from the community has been encouraging as well. According to Chief Page, several residents have even requested camera placement near their homes or schools.

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