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Protecting our protectors

With the Avigilon Unity solution, Honour House has a video security system that helps them protect the ranch and its guests while making security more efficient.

Seamless video management

Avigilon Unity Video provides real-time data and an interface that flags incidents to operators, which enables faster responses.

Cloud-connected experience

Avigilon Unity Cloud Services allows the team to streamline daily tasks, such as responding to natural disasters.

Enhanced visibility

Avigilon H4A IR cameras provide clear coverage that help catch important details day or night – even in challenging conditions.

Self-learning video analytics

Alerts triggered from H4 PTZ cameras help staff intercept unexpected visitors before they reach the cabins.

Teaming up for our heroes

Discover why Honour House is now better equipped to respond faster, mitigate risk and offer a safe and secure environment where guests can heal peacefully.

Challenge: safeguarding remote areas

Due to the mission of the organization, it is essential for Honour Ranch to foster an environment where guests feel safe, both physically and psychologically. While the remote location of the ranch allows guests to heal in peace, it also poses several security challenges. Operating as a lean organization, including two full-time staff members and two part- time – keeping an eye on 120 acres of ranch property is challenging, and protecting these assets is critical to the ongoing success of the ranch.

Solution: unified security operations

Honour House leveraged the Avigilon Unity system to gain the coverage needed to protect the ranch and its guests.

  • Protecting assets

    Even a single instance of theft, wildfire or flooding could cause significant loss. Now, staff have a clear picture of what’s happening even in total darkness.

  • Staying connected

    Avigilon Unity Cloud Services has made it possible for staff and volunteers to monitor the ranch and maintain the VMS from anywhere, at any time.

  • A safe space for healing

    Without inside coverage for privacy reasons, the Avigilon system reliably detects potential threats at the site’s perimeter to successfully overcome this risk.

Result: A secure future

Adding an Avigilon Unity video security system has been immensely beneficial for Honour Ranch. By providing clear coverage, day and night, and allowing the Honour Ranch team to monitor the property from anywhere, the Avigilon solution has resulted in faster response times and enabled them to do more without adding additional people to the organization. It has also helped create a safe and secure environment where guests can heal peacefully.

Have questions? We can help

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