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Bank Safety and Security

Bank Safety and Security

Avigilon Solutions for Banking

Our complete video security and access control solutions help protect against theft and fraud while safeguarding what’s most valuable — your customers and staff.

Powerful Search

Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology sorts through hours of recorded video with ease, quickly locating a specific person or vehicle of interest across vast areas and site perimeters.

Perimeter Protection

Self-learning video analytics detect the movements of people and vehicles, notifying you of events that may need further investigation.

Secure Access

Avigilon Access Control Manager™ system integrates with Avigilon Control Center™ video management software, enabling you to identify and verify individuals before granting or denying access at entrances, exits and restricted areas.



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Avigilon Solutions for Banking - Bank Safety and Security (LATAM)
Digital Provisions, Inc. Banking
unfold_moreBrooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union

Brooklyn, New York

Secure $15 million in assets, protect staff and members, and meet key insurance requirements while maintaining an open environment where members can freely enter and exit to receive services.

unfold_lessBrooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union

“By installing higher resolution cameras in only key areas and leveraging Avigilon’s advanced motion detection technology, we lowered our investment costs and can store 120 days of video footage – a vast improvement over the 30 days we previously attained to help meet a key insurance requirement.”
— Samira Rajan, CEO at Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union