HD Video Appliance 8-Port

HD Video Appliance 8-Port

2 TB
4 TB
8 TB

Storage Capacity

2 TB
4 TB
8 TB


Integrated Network Switch
Integrated Network Switch The built-in functionality of a managed layer-3 switch, including multiple high-powered PoE+ ports
Local Viewing
Local Viewing Simply connect the device to a monitor for live view of your security video for easy and convenient review

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Record and View Quick Selection Guide
HD Video Appliance Line Flyer

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HD Video Appliance (Series 3) Datasheet

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HD Video Appliance (Series 3) User Guide

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USB Joystick (for ACC Software) Datasheet
USB Professional Joystick (for ACC Software) Datasheet

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HD Video Appliance USB Recovery Troubleshooting Guide

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Avigilon Security Solutions Product Brochure
Avigilon Security Solutions Product Catalog
Part Number Description Capacity Form Factor Features
VMA-AS3-8P2 HD Video Appliance 8 Port 2 TB Small
VMA-AS3-8P4 HD Video Appliance 8 Port 4 TB Small
VMA-AS3-8P8 HD Video Appliance 8 Port 8 TB Small