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Airport Safety and Security

Airport Safety and Security

Avigilon Solutions for Airports

Our complete security solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, allow you to quickly search volumes of video data across terminals, checkpoints, and perimeters to identify important information for effective decision making.

Powerful Search

Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology sorts through hours of recorded video with ease, quickly locating a specific person or vehicle of interest across vast areas and facility perimeters.

Perimeter Protection

Self-learning video analytics detect the movements of people and vehicles, notifying operators of events that may need further investigation.

Easy Integration

Avigilon solutions are built on an open platform, allowing you to leverage previous third-party investments that are ONVIF® compliant.

Secure Access

Avigilon Access Control Manager™ system integrates with Avigilon Control Center™ video management software enabling operators to identify and verify individuals before granting or denying access at entrances, exits, and restricted areas.

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