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H5A Thermal Camera

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Secure sites that have poor visibility with long-range perimeter protection from the H5A Thermal camera. Detect people and vehicles in complete darkness, smoke, mist, foliage and more with the camera’s powerful heat-sensing technology. Keep people safe and prevent operational disruptions with optional radiometric capabilities to detect hot spots and overheating equipment.

max. resolution
max. frame rate
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Protect beyond the perimeter

Be alerted of the presence and movement of people and vehicles that could otherwise get missed by a visual camera.

Next-Generation Video Analytics

Radiometric capabilities

VGA and QVGA lens options

ONVIF S, T, G and M conformant

See more in poor visibility

Challenging environments demand a powerful solution. See beyond darkness, smoke, mist, foliage and more with the H5A Thermal camera’s long-range perimeter protection. Achieve round-the-clock coverage with cutting edge heat-sensing technology to detect the presence and movement of people and vehicles.

Expedite response times with AI

Stay a step ahead with the H5A Thermal camera’s built-in Next-Generation Video Analytics for enhanced object detection and classification. Improve response times with its ability to detect people and vehicles over 1,000 feet away* to proactively alert you of potentially critical events while minimizing false alarms.

*Will vary based on lens and weather conditions

Enhance safety with radiometric alarms

Increase safety with the camera’s built-in radiometric capabilities to identify hot spots and overheating objects. Be notified in real-time when an object’s surface temperature is above or below a predefined value, or when there are abnormal temperature changes over a predefined period of time by setting up rules and alarms.

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