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Securing the high-tech research facility

The cloud-based system helps the UVA Biocomplexity Institute team see who’s accessing the space and manage their entire security infrastructure, without physically being onsite.

Alta x Meraki integration

Linking access activity with video footage enhances asset protection and awareness in the research facility.

Remote management

From adjusting entries, to accessing reports, to remotely unlocking the door, it’s all done in just a few clicks.

Seamless integration

Alta’s open API enabled them to integrate with the existing RFID card system to work perfectly alongside the mobile credentials.

Wave to Unlock

Employees love that they don’t have to touch a thing—a quick wave is all it takes to unlock the door or use the elevator.

Better visibility with Avigilon Alta

The IT team at the Biocomplexity Institute wanted a way to improve building security, with the ability to manage their entire campus access control system remotely.

Challenge: increase visibility and security

The new location for the Biocomplexity Institute at the prestigious University of Virginia didn’t have the bandwidth to manage an on-prem security system, but needed a better way to protect expensive equipment and proprietary research projects. A constant stream of people in and out of the facility led to problems with sharing key cards, and no way to verify who was actually accessing the building. Plus, an on-prem system meant having to schlep to the facility every time somebody needed access.

Solution: cloud-based interoperability

The cloud-based Alta and Meraki integration makes it easy for the small security staff to take care of everything remotely.

  • Easy auditing with Visual Activity Reports

    Integrated video and access increases ROI, enabling the UVA security team to assess potential problems remotely before issuing an appropriate response.

  • Flexible credentials on a single system

    Alta supports a variety of credentials for all employee preferences, and was able to integrate with the previous access cards to protect their initial investment.

  • Contactless and digital visitor access

    The Guest Pass feature allows admins to send custom permissions to vendors and contractors via text — no face-to-face interaction required.

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