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Overcoming security and compliance challenges

How The Hempire Collective cannabis farm and dispensary solved its security and compliance struggles with the intelligent, feature-rich cloud video security solution from Avigilon.

Faster incident response

Alta’s real-time alerts enable proactive security, letting Hempire Collective address any issues before they become setbacks.

A compliant solution

Non-compliance could result in business fines and loss of license—the team needed video security that met regulations.

No rip and replace

The Avigilon Alta solution is layered over the Hempire Collective’s existing 75 cameras, turning them into smart cameras.

Full situational awareness

Alta Aware recognizes suspicious behavior and can identify people or objects of interest to monitor and prevent any threats.

Smart, preemptive cloud-based video security

By adding Avigilon Alta to the Hempire Collective’s existing system, smart security tools and video analysis prevent future incidents, saving the team time and helping the growing business flourish.

Challenge: Better cameras without an overhaul

The Hempire Collective primarily employs veterans, with the mission of providing cannabis products to improve chronic pain and mental health. Their success relied on safeguarding employees, operations and assets — like inventory and equipment — with 24/7 monitoring. However, their existing and clunky video security system posed risks, potentially leading to costly fines, business setbacks, license loss and even life-threatening incidents if issues remained unaddressed.

Solution: Revamp an old system with new tech

The Avigilon Alta platform works with third party cameras and provides an excellent onramp to cloud management and future expansion. Layering the solution over existing cameras lets them collect valuable insights, analyze footage, and proactively alert teams. Heat maps capture customer and employee movement, while trend analysis helps improve operations and spatial organization of the warehouse. Instead of combing through hours of feed, the solution can highlight the most salient events recorded.

Result: Safer operations, accelerated growth

The Hempire Collective now focuses on business growth, not compliance challenges. They implemented a preventative security plan using AI video analytics to detect unusual activities. Incident review is now easier, faster and more reliable. High-resolution footage is stored only when necessary, and secure remote access ensures compliance. Avigilon’s end-to-end encryption and detailed audit trails protect Hempire Collective’s operations and meet secure transaction requirements.

Have questions? We can help

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