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Creating a secure campus

To enhance the safety and security of its staff, students and resources, Tampere Vocational College Tredu (Tredu) implemented a complete Avigilon Unity security solution.

Intelligent analytics

Self-Learning Video Analytics recognize the movements of people and vehicles, alerting you of events that may need investigation.

Efficient management

Avigilon Unity Video allows for quick and easy review of live or recorded video with a simplified interface and intuitive controls.

Faster searches with AI

Avigilon Appearance Search sorts through hours of video with ease to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest.

Superior access control

Verify alarms generated by Unity Access with the associated live or recorded video stream in Unity Video for quicker responses.

Security that is focused on the future

Read how Tredu installed a complete security system that included AI-powered video security and access control solutions to address concerns such as vandalism and unwanted visitors on campus.

Challenge: Flexibility and adaptability

Tredu is the second-largest vocational college in Finland, with over 18,000 students yearly and 1,000 staff members spread throughout numerous locations. As its course offerings change and grow with the economy, Tredu requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to expand its programs to wherever workers are needed. This made it necessary for Tredu to deploy a scalable security solution that could keep pace with its growth while helping to protect what matters most — its staff and students.

Solution: A scalable solution

Tredu turned to Avigilon to implement a security system that could scale with its growth and allow the integration of new technology.

  • Seamless access control

    Security officers use Avigilon Unity Access and the H4 Video Intercom to quickly and easily identify and communicate with a visitor before remotely granting access.

  • Faster investigations

    Avigilon Appearance Search sorts through hours of video with ease to quickly identify a person of interest and track their route across campus during investigations.

  • Improved detection

    Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics have helped proactively detect and verify instances of bullying, crime and vandalism.

Result: Proactive security

Since its initial implementation, Tredu’s complete Avigilon security solution has far exceeded expectations. By deploying forward-thinking solutions, Tredu has been able to change and adapt to its growing security needs as well as external factors, such as the introduction of new regulations. The Avigilon system has become central to Tredu’s security operations, and as a result, the school plans to expand Avigilon solution to new campuses as they develop.

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